Monday, August 31, 2009

exalted EB and AC

The Deterrence raid last night got cancelled, so we took our 80s through some heroics. I saw Eeyan was reasonably close with both Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade, so I brought both tabards along.

Now Eeyan is exalted with both and has 10 exalted reps. I must confess though, it's kind of annoying, before WotLK dropped, Eeyan was way ahead of Kuan with Argent Dawn rep, and yet remains halfway there.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

spell checker Fail

I wonder what bears have to do with ensorcelled murlocs...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

u need say no moar

One learns things after so much time playing Wow. Like how to judge others by the quality of their chat.

I am sure that at any given time, someone, somewhere, on some server, always has this line in their General or Trade channel chat log.

I'm equally sure that there's not much variance in the personality of the person saying it either.

Ravasaur acquired

...perhaps now the blog will get less boring for our readers, now that the Obsession has been satisfied...

meanwhile... it's Raptor Time

/castrandom [nomounted] Swift Orange Raptor, Black War Raptor, Venomhide Ravasaur
/script VehicleExit()

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ravasaur Big!

We went on vacation and was away from Wow for a while. Since we got back the focus has been on Kuanchichi & Viljo building Warsong Offensive rep and, of course, the Ravasaur.

I know, I know, the entire rest of the Wow world is focussed on chain heroics and farming Trial of the Champion. But Let's face it, even if I didn't hate farming for gear, it's plain Boring.

Especially compared to raising one's own mount from an Egg! How exciting is that!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ravasaur part 3

He's about the size of the ones in Wetlands, now, I guess.

I totally squeeeee'd.

Then ran a couple heroics to get the [Conqueror's Worldbreaker Headpiece] for Kuan's heal set with badges.

Now, which is more special?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night Deterrence tried Jaraxxus, the new boss in the Coliseum, with 25 man. We are having the normal August attendance problems plaguing every guild and so we had to pug in some people. That did not stop Kuan from winning the new BiS belt for ele shaman off Icehowl, [Binding of the Ice Burrower]. I'm still dithering over what to put in the prismatic socket. Probably a Potent (+sp +crit) since that's what I had in the yellow socket I'm losing from the previous belt, and without it I actually lose crit.

Jaraxxus was a fun fight. Since we were with pugs and utterly didn't know the fight ourselves, and more over were missing some of our top DPS, it took 4 tries. Now of course that means it's not terribly challenging but whatever. Kuan ended up on interrupts during the last part of the successful try as all the other interrupters just died to the flames. DBM warnings were so plentiful as to be useless; I blame them for that.

But at the end of the fight is some angry NPC dialog. After all, Jaraxxus is an Eredar Lord. I don't believe Tirion would deliberately countenance that, for all he puts up with Dranei. The dialog is unfortunately spoiled by the loot messages of everyone in the raid receiving whatever badges and whatnot but it sure looks like Clara was right and these fights are getting under the skin of the faction leaders who are watching.

For all it took us 4 tries with pugs, it's still to early to quote it as a spoiler, but we'll see what happens next week.

Meanwhile, on a related note, the 5man Trial of the Champion instance... I've noticed, all the mobs for the second fight are human. Argent Monk? Argent Priest? wait a sec. I have not seen that before. Or rather, I have. Different colour, though; scarlet. Will we find out that the Argent Crusade has been taken over by the racist humans?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ravasaur Part 2

Last night Kuan and Viljo performed their nightly ritual of taking the portal in Dalaran to get to the Caverns of Time. Once there they each summoned their Ravasaur Hatchling. And last night the hatchlings were bigger!!

On Sunday our Ravasaur hatchlings didn't want to be fed, instead they both wanted feathers. So Kuan and Viljo each hunted the Rocs and gathered the feathers for our little raptors. In return for the feathers our hatchlings still gave us a baby tooth.

When summoned last night the hatchlings had both gotten bigger and were wearing the feathers gathered the night before. They were both level 5. And after feeding was done, instead of dropping off to sleep like previous days, they were wondering if there was more food to be had. Wheee! Soon they will be big and strong and ride-able!

Edit: Here is a picture of Viljo feeding the Ravasaur Hatchling. As you can see if you compare to the picture in the first Ravasaur post he has grown!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Patch 3.2 Revelation

I have figured out what this patch, "Call of The Crusade", is all about.

At first I thought it was about nerfing the everliving crap out of WoW. Levels of riding cheaper and at earlier levels. Higher level badges from every instance. New Heirloom items to increase your alt's leveling speed. New epic gems to boost everyone's abilities.

Or I thought maybe this patch was about the Ravasaur. After 4+ years of the Wintersaber being available to the Alliance the Horde can finally earn a Ravasaur. It's certainly what Kuan and Viljo are spending the most effort working on.

But then I realized that the new dungeon/instance is the main focus, but not in the way that we all think. Most people think of the new dungeon and think of all the amazing gear that will drop from it. However they are not looking closely at the arena itself.

The Trial of the Crusader is just one big arena. You fight multiple bosses, but you never move, they all come to you. On the west side are the big gates where the enemies/opponents come in. On the east side is Tirion Fordring and some of his Argent Crusade people. On the north side is the Alliance contingent led by Varian Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore. On the south side is the Horde contingent led by Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream. And all of these people watch and cheer as you fight. At the start of the fights there is some banter where Varian insults the Horde and Jaina tries to calm him and Garrosh and Thrall are complimentary to the fighters in the ring. Well that is what happens if you're Horde anyway.

Think about this situation. You're in an arena, fighting, and Thrall and Varian are watching you. They were both slave gladiators. Thrall grew up trained to fight in the Durnhold arena for humans to watch. Varian got amnesia and was forced to fight in various arenas in Kalimdor, mostly in Horde cities. This situation has got to be bringing back unpleasant memories for both of them. It's not like either of them were given a choice to fight like we were. They were both just forced into the arena and basically told fight or die.

Both Thrall and Varian fought themselves free of their slavery and have clearly gone on to greater things. But Thrall went to get Shaman training and then came back and decimated Durnhold before he led the Orcs to Kalimdor and formed the new Horde. I think that he has made peace with his past. Varian on the other hand hasn't had time to make peace with anything. He still hates all of the Horde.

So I am sure that at some point Varian is going to lose it. Maybe it will be at the end of the 10/25 man raid. He'll just go crazy (crazier) and leap down into the arena to start attacking the raid. Honestly he doesn't seem all that stable to start with and I think that watching a Horde raid succeed will just make him totally lose it.

So there it is: the major revelation for Call of the Crusade is that Varian is a crazy war-hungry former gladiator. When he sees a Horde raid succeed his Post Traumatic Shock will kick in and he'll leap down and try to massacre them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have wanted Kuan to ride a ravasaur for four years.

With the patch 3.2 that dropped yesterday, that is now possible. All our guildies were off trying the new instances, but I have my priorities. Kuan has a ravasaur now!

It will be a while until Kuan can ride him, though.

Isn't he cute?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

chef de cuisine

sooooo, Kuan has 152 cooking recipes now. He has bids on 3 in the AH, and there are 3 more he can pick up from vendors.


This is driving me nuts.

I wish Alliance vendors dropped their damned recipes when they were killed.