Saturday, April 24, 2010

Odd Habits

I have the odd habit of logging my characters out in the same location. It's not an intentional thing. And it's not always the same location. It's just that if I'm swapping characters to send gems or scrolls or potions around they usually are in the same place purely through coincidence.

For example: The other day Viljo got a new piece of gear. I don't even remember what it was, but it needed an enchant and a couple of gems. But the time I was done, Viljo, Mornara, and Telt were all standing around the mailbox by the Legerdemain Lounge across from the cheese store in Dalaran. None of them started there, and I think that only Mornara was even in Dalaran to start with. But they all ended up there, next to that specific mailbox.

It's a bit surreal. Here all three of them are, but they never actually see each other. They are standing right next to each other, but completely invisible to the each other.

What odd habits do you have?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sparkle Pony

The Sparkle Pony, aka Celestial Steed, has been added to the Blizzard Store. This means that for $25 you too can own this mount on all present and future characters. It'll even scale with your riding skill.

I am kind of disappointed. When I first saw the data-mined images of it I was thinking it would be some super extra rare drop from Hardmode 25man LK. Or perhaps that there was going to be some extra reward for getting Starcaller or the Astral Walker.

Additionally I'm disappointed because that mount is ridiculous looking. And not ridiculous look-at-my-awesome-gladiator-mount type of ridiculous. No, no, though there were plenty of people running around Dal and everywhere else on them. This is more the like-OMG-squee!-I-am-shiney type of ridiculous. I swear there was a sparkle infestation in Dal.

The only people I can really see riding the sparkle pony are pallies. And particularly male BE pallies. Everyone esle seems a) not flamingly gay, and b) not 5 years old. Ok, perhaps I could also see human male pallies riding them.

Just look at that! Who of my characters would ride one of those?

Viljo has his raptors and war bear. HE doesn't need no stinking sparkle pony! And he already gets teased about his robes. No way is he going to ride something so potentially emasculating.

Teltanara has the flying carpets that she painstakingly sewed herself. And she has the red hawkstrider that she earned at the tournament. Maybe if she were shadow specced, she would ride one, but only ever in shadow form.

And let me tell you Mornara isn't going to be riding the sparkle pony! Not only does she have her skeletal mounts, but she would also never be caught riding something so terribly frivolous. Hello? Terrifying former agent of the scourge? This does not involve sparkles.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Viljo riding sidecar in his buddy Cemaros's hog. Cemaros used to be known as Leif. And is still usually called Leify-poo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random BG

With patch 3.3.3 the random Battlegrounds were introduced. They are almost exactly the same as random heroics. You and up to 4 of your buddies queue for a random. You get the first battleground that pops up that you all fit into. This replaces the daily bg, just as the random heroic replaced the daily heroic.

It also has a tendency to get some nice achieves. At least Horde-side on Hyjal.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Icecrown Citadel Dialogue: Valithria Dreamwalker

Valithria Dreamwalker is the first real boss of the dragon wing. She is a big green dragon who has been captured by the Lich King. She starts stunned and at half health.

The Lich King yells: Intruders have breached the inner sanctum. Hasten the destruction of the green dragon! Leave only bones and sinew for the reanimation!
Valithria Dreamwalker yells: Heroes, lend me your aid. I... I cannot hold them off much longer. You must heal my wounds!

When Valithria Dreamwalker is at 75% health she is feeling a bit better. Not well enough to actually help out, but better enough to tell you about it.

Valithria Dreamwalker yells: My strength is returning. Press on, heroes!

Once you heal Valithria up to full she breaks out of the stun and puts the smack down on everything. This has two affects. First it ends the encounter as she utterly destroys everything you were fighting, and makes them cry for their Scourged mommies. Second it entirely fubar's the dps meter for that fight and any pending ones, as she just did on the order of metric mega-shit-tons of damage in one instant aoe cast.

Valithria Dreamwalker yells: I AM RENEWED! Ysera grant me the favor to lay these foul creatures to rest!

This fight does bring the epic. Here you are defending a green dragon while you heal her up. It's a big old spotlight directly on your healers. This is good when you win, and annoying when you don't.

Also Valithria's voice reminds me of Jaina in Mt Hyjal. It's not the same voice actress, but it's got that same sort of over dramatized air to it. Which when combined with repeated calls for saving really gets on my nerves.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Noblegarden sucks

I have come to the conclusion that I'm never going to get the Violet Protodrake. It'd be really nice to have a 310% speed mount, but I'll have to find some other way to do it.

Getting the Violet Protodrake requires getting the titles for all of the seasonal achieves. I can see myself doing the stupid shit for Love is in the air, if I'm really (horribly,terribly) desperate for achieve points. But one of the Noblegarden achieves is Shake Your Bunny-Maker. You have to put bunny ears on females of each race who are at least level 18.

This is so obnoxious. So very obnoxious.

I am a goddamn death knight. A fearsome former agent of the Scourge. Do I look like someone who should be wearing fucking bunny ears? NO. I look like someone who should be using my giant fucking mace to bash your fucking bunny-ear dispensing head in.

Awesome Hunter

I just finished a heroic. It was ToC. Not too bad an instance, good chance at loot, and pretty short and sweet. Well short and sweet if you don't have an asshole in the group.

Rawrface, from Cenarius, you are my hero.
Zåck, from Maiev, you are an asshole.

Through the whole thing Zåck was being unnecessarily bossy and condescending. Rawrface described him as "mouthy" in a whisper to me before we even had the first pull and I'm guessing he started with the MD immediately following that.

We only wiped once on the initial champions pull. I still think that was because Zack was unable to get out of the poison or WW, but I'm not entirely sure since I accidentally wiped the combatlog already.

Anyway, if there is only one wipe in an instance, there is really no call to be that much of a jerk to anyone.

And people wonder why there are so few tanks around...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gilnean Like Me

I don't want to play alliance, but this almost makes the Worgen interesting: