Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night Deterrence tried Jaraxxus, the new boss in the Coliseum, with 25 man. We are having the normal August attendance problems plaguing every guild and so we had to pug in some people. That did not stop Kuan from winning the new BiS belt for ele shaman off Icehowl, [Binding of the Ice Burrower]. I'm still dithering over what to put in the prismatic socket. Probably a Potent (+sp +crit) since that's what I had in the yellow socket I'm losing from the previous belt, and without it I actually lose crit.

Jaraxxus was a fun fight. Since we were with pugs and utterly didn't know the fight ourselves, and more over were missing some of our top DPS, it took 4 tries. Now of course that means it's not terribly challenging but whatever. Kuan ended up on interrupts during the last part of the successful try as all the other interrupters just died to the flames. DBM warnings were so plentiful as to be useless; I blame them for that.

But at the end of the fight is some angry NPC dialog. After all, Jaraxxus is an Eredar Lord. I don't believe Tirion would deliberately countenance that, for all he puts up with Dranei. The dialog is unfortunately spoiled by the loot messages of everyone in the raid receiving whatever badges and whatnot but it sure looks like Clara was right and these fights are getting under the skin of the faction leaders who are watching.

For all it took us 4 tries with pugs, it's still to early to quote it as a spoiler, but we'll see what happens next week.

Meanwhile, on a related note, the 5man Trial of the Champion instance... I've noticed, all the mobs for the second fight are human. Argent Monk? Argent Priest? wait a sec. I have not seen that before. Or rather, I have. Different colour, though; scarlet. Will we find out that the Argent Crusade has been taken over by the racist humans?

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