Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My new favorite addon


"Automatically skipping greeting/gossip text is convenient, but what if you are actually interested in seeing what the NPC has to say first? Or perhaps even better, what if you want greeting text to be shown alongside the vendor window/bank/whatnot? This addon will let you do just that!"

I love it.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm dumb. Those glyphs aren't out til the expansion. OK, I'm going to try the Flame Shock one for now 'cuz it's cheap. We'll see if it works.

all about Kuanchichi

I tried out this spec for Kuan last night in SSC and was beside myself with the waste; he never really dropped below 80% mana. On the other hand, his DPS suffered a lot. And, he did drop at times to like 15% health on Nature damage. (Well, there were a few 0% health too, but at that point I blame the group-assigned healers.) It's quite disturbing to see the green bar far far below the blue bar in a raid, and the number 14 in front of my toon's name on the damage meters. Especially when the main tank was at #13, and the secondary tank at #7:

Here's what I will try tonight in Hyjal. I don't do this lightly. I am usually pretty careful about Kuan and I don't respec him often, I expect it to cost maybe 15G.

I've only loaded the Flamtongue Weapon Glyph for him so far. I will probably take the Earth Shock and Chain Lightning glyphs as well. I haven't decided what is more important for now vs lvl 80. Chain Lightning would be pretty handy on Hyjal trash. Earth Shock with a shorter CD is just pretty handy all around (just not 5 talent points' worth of handy). So really it's a question of meters vs usefulness I guess. sigh I s'pose that answers that question.

Anyhow, about that SSC run. They really did nerf the hell out of it. We cleared 5 bosses and Kuan got to see something he never has before:

...And just in case this post sounds like I'm exaggerating for melodramatic effect, yes both those images are cropped from the exact same screenshot, taken before we tried Vashj.

Friday, October 17, 2008


We finally got a chance to log on last night. The 3.0 patch is pretty spiffy.

I'm really appreciating having more banks space due to learning mounts and pets. Also the conversion of Badges of Justice and battleground marks into a currency instead of the previous item that took up bank and bag space is just great. I only wish that more items had been converted into a currency. For example I'd like it if the Halaa tokens or the Cenarion Circle items, or the AD repeatable item quest rewards had all been converted to currency. I'd gain another 6 or so bank slots. But really I'm just happy about the 3 mounts, 8 pets, and 5 currency objects that are no longer taking up space. :D

I'm also intrigued by the achievements. I was quite displeased to learn that I did not in fact have all of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms mapped for Viljo. I was missing a few spots in 2 or 3 zones on each continent. As Kuan was too they ran around together for some mapping goodness.

The one achievement that is displeasing me is the Loremaster. I'm missing many many quests in EK and Kalimdor. Which can be dealt with, though it is annoying. However, I'm only missing a few in Outland. I know that in Nagrand one of those quests is the talbuck poo quest. I don't want to pick up poo for stinky draenei. :( We'll see if I cave on that or not.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

third time's the charm

I got past the character selection screen pretty fast. but still FAIL.

...at least this time I had the patience to get the little flying dragon in the shot.

I'm going to the gym.

...and my second...

I tried Silvermoon that time.

Clara tried Shatt and got world server down.

my first authentic WOTLK experience

I didn't even get past the Kalimdor loading screen

Patch Day!

It's 3.0 patch day! Wheee.

I will be swapping Ikoli from skin to inscription. My plan eventually is to have 4 lvl 80 characters - Kuan, Eeyan, Tylara, and Ikoli. Clara will have Viljo, Telt, and Mornara (who will be a death knight); she may or may not bring Kairon all the way up along with Tylara. I wanted Tylara and Kairon further along by now, but as the dearth of posts here lately might have hinted, life has come along in the last month and really interfered with Wow.

Anyhow, I had some specs worked out in a saved-but-not-published post, but a quick perusal shows me trees changed again. But we will be heading into Wrath of the Lich King with Kuan and Viljo hitting Northrend from the Kalimdor side, Eeyan and Telt from the EK side, and the other toons hitting Outland.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pants! or: Old World Stubbornness

I've been busy with Real Life things keeping me away from the game! That will continue for another week or so.

I never lost my determination to get Eeyan all the way through the Tier 0.5 gear quests. (Kuan never cared about this quest chain.) Lately, given the renewed interest in AD rep, we've been taking Kuan and Viljo about once a week through undead-side Stratholme, up to the Magistrate, and then swapping Eeyan in. This has been a heretofore vain attempt to convince Rivendare to drop [Shadowcraft Pants], something he's never done for me since Eeyan first started running Strat in what, January 2006. That's all Eeyan needed to complete Anthion's Parting Words.

OMFG, tonight, we made another run of it again he did it. I got to turn in the quest!

Now, I have the last set of quests to do so Eeyan can complete the chain. Woo!


...well, and work on getting the hat from Gandling, and the chest from Drakk. :-/ At least Kuan still needs AD rep, so Scholomance works for that. Getting people to run UBRS now, hm.