Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pet Training

Recently Kairon and Tylara have reached level 52. And Casimir is now level 51 as well. So it is (past) time to get the next set of skills for my tiger.

Dash (rank 3) - pet level 50
Hinterlands - Vilebranch Raiding Wolf (50+-51+)
Blackrock Spire - Blackrock Worg (54)

Bite (rank 7) - pet level 48
Felwood - Felpaw Ravager (51-52)
Hinterlands - Saltwater Snapjaw (49-50)
Hinterlands - Ironback (51-52)
Hinterlands - Vilebrancy Raiding Wolf (50+-51+)

Claw (rank 7) - pet level 48
Felwood - Angerclaw Mauler (49-50)
Felwood - Ironbeak Ravager (50-52)
Ferlas - Ironfur Patriarch (48-49)

So it looks like in the short term I'll be going to Felwood to get the next bite and claw. Fighting my way to the top of Jintha will have to wait, even though it's not elite anymore it's still not something I want to do casually. Also I think we still need to get the Ancient Egg quest lined up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guild Turnover

Recently Darkfall lost its best geared holy priest as well as a (annoying) tank and a pally. A week or three earlier the priests really good spriest friend had left, claiming our raid times weren't right for him anymore. Now I'm not at all sorry to see the tank leave; he was an idiot and annoying to boot. But the spriest and the holy priest had joined Darkfall before they were 70, and the guild had done a lot of work to gear them up. Not just giving them drops, but farming and transmuting and tailoring. So it's a bit of a slap in the face to see them leave and go to another guild.

The holy priest made a rather lame post on the guild boards saying "it's not you, it's me", Darkfall wasn't fun for her anymore, and she wanted to try other guilds. I've heard from a couple of sources that the holy priest's issue was really the lack of "progress". Now a fair amount of the recent lack of progress is due to us being short a healer when she bails on showing up for a raid. And some of it has been that Labor Day weekend was back to back with the Gl being gone for a week, both of which put a crimp in raiding. But both of these situations are the standard "Whaa! I have loot from boss X, lets move on to boss Y," with a complete disregard for the other people in the guild who still need loot.

The lack of team work and selfishness shown by that attitude is completely infuriating to me. I understand that sometimes a guild doesn't fit a person, and it's just better to move on. But moving on because you don't have enough patience to help the people who helped you is rude and obnoxious.

Monday, September 8, 2008

the Internets is not my Friend

I finally grabbed my 1% wipe rant and tried to polish it enough to post to our guild board.

Which is down, now.

In other news, apparently we are caving in to the temptation. Next week, Darkfall will be trying out Naxx. Kuan is still only about 5K Argent Dawn Revered. I better get on it if I don't want to be blowing mats for getting keyed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another visit to Hyjal Summit

Monday we tried TK but Monday was a US Holiday, Labour Day. So Darkfall had poor attendance and couldn't get Al'ar down before the enrage timer.

To make up for it we went into Zul'Aman after and did a full clear. Kuan got the daggar off the dragonhawk boss, [Wub's Cursed Hexblade]. WOO! That is his new instancing/caster weapon.

Today we had better attendance and we went into Hyjal. Kuan got a trash drop, [Claw of Molten Fury], WOO! That is his new farming/enhance/battleground weapon.

Anyhow setting up for Anetheron takes some time. They have to have everyone placed Just So. Group 2, which usually consists of mages + an ele shaman, always stands on the hill to Jaina's left. As we stood there waiting for the guild leader to finish explaining the fight, everyone eventually noticed us and took a screenshot.

For the record, that's Elut, Sardonique, Kuanchichi, Point, and Viljo.

FWIW we took down the first three bosses in Hyjal, no problem. For boss loot, Kaz dropped stuff that fully went to offspec. We will start working on later bosses after next week.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Raiding with Telt

Last night we didn't really have enough people online, but Darkfall tried to do Magtheridon anyway. We had about 8 or 9 pugs and Mags was a semi-disaster. Ok it wasn't a complete disaster, we eventually killed him, but it took 4-ish wipes first. :(

Anyway Telt won a roll on the priest t4 robe, but I passed to a guild tank who can make much better use for it. :D Caffinator, our friend from Australia, had been wearing a blue chest. Now he's got his t4 chest so I have a warm fuzzy feeling. And even though Evallen didn't get her t5 chest she got the very nice offhand that Mag drops.

After that we tried to run SSC, but with Labor Day it just wasn't gonna happen. We were not going to pug that. >.< So Kuan and Telt got pulled into a fresh ZA.

The ZA was pretty good. We easily got the first couple of chests. We started at Eagle boss and oneshot both him and bear. Then we ran into a little trouble at Dragonhawk. We had about 3 people, including me and DraNgNon, who had never seen him die before, so between that and changing up our strategy a couple of times we had a few wipes.

I think we should have gone straight to Lynx, as the 3rd boss. We one shot him when we got there. :D Unfortunately after there people were getting a little sleepy. So we needed 2 tries for Hexlord. Sadly the caster dps trinket didn't drop for Kuan :( But Telt did get the healing trinket. :D

Then we tried Zul'jin. That didn't go too well. :( In fact most of the wipes were Telt's fault. I messed up on the mass dispel at least once and was not speedy enough on healing the claw rage target in phase 4 a couple of times.