Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tylara and Kairon are now in Deterrence

I just got tired of never playing them

Monday, July 27, 2009

ancient quest chain

Eeyan and Teltanara spent some quality time in Silithus this evening, until he could finally drop the Duke of Cynders to get what he needs for the Three Kings of Flame quest.

While we were at it we discovered that rep gains for Encrypted Twilight Texts are astronomical. We'll be farming down there a bit in the next couple weeks on Kuan and Viljo.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Resumption of progress

We've been raiding with Kuan and Viljo a lot in Uld 10 and 25, and as a result that had gone through all our mats and led to character neglect for all the others. I decided enough o' dat last night.

Mornara has been mining a lot of thorium and sending it to Tylara, whom I've not checked in weeks. I logged in Tylara, who is now Master Blacksmith from all that Thorium, woo! And now she no longer needs to be parked in Silithus, it's time to start questing again. I rather think we will take the tactics Clara posted in the entry Missing Outland Reps for Tylara and Kairon, and level them up as a side effect of gathering the reputations.

Eeyan and Teltanara have been sort of sitting parked since he got his coolio fist weapon, other than grinding through rep dailies when we have time. Last night we got in a PUG and did Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. Picked up some achieves and Eeyan got [Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets] which have so much hit that he was able to swap out his lvl 70 chest for a blue he had, and his neck for the Heroism badged upgrade. They both still have a long way to go with Northrend dungeon reps, though.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

up til 2008

I've uploaded all the screenshots I could find through the end of 2007 to Picasa.

Here they are. The "Wow noui" one is what's driving the slide show for this blog.

Monday, July 20, 2009


It's summer and that means that raiding attendance is down down down. We did manage to get enough for a Uld25 last Wednesday, and we killed up to Kologarn. However, there weren't nearly enough people for a 25man on either Saturday or Sunday. So a group headed into Uld10.

Saturday's Uld 10 was moderately painful. It was a run specifically for trying to gear up tanks. And unfortunately that means they needed gear. Also one of the tanks was almost passing out from lack of sleep, and the other, well, the other just needs to more practice. We did kill up through Auriaya and Hodir. And to be quite honest I was doing crappy dps. I blame lag, and mostly the fact that after Wed I swapped back to Fireball spec, and I didn't have the rhythm down.

Sunday we had a slightly different makeup and so it was a smoother run. We one shot Thorim and went back to one shot Iron Council. Then Freya went down pretty smoothly. Mimiron was new to about one third of the raid, and it took a bunch of work but we got him too. Mimiron is a fun fight. I really like all the phases, and the art in that section is just excellent. And killing Mimiron got Viljo The Keepers of Ulduar achieve.

Anyway after Mimiron was down it was a wipefest on Vezax. Vezax is a fight that makes me consider rerolling some class that doesn't use mana. After a while we called it. It was clear that those of us who hadn't seen it before were doing a pretty terrible job. And between that and having only 2 healers we were not doing so hot. We were making progress, but it was not swift enough to keep the healers from bursting a vein.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


What with Skunk Dog and Roommate on Crutches we almost forgot about the raid last night. However, we made it home just barely in time for both of us to get into the raid.

In fact there were still only 21 of us when we did Flame Leviathan with two towers up. We left the Mimiron and Freya towers up. Since we'd never left Freya up before it actually took us a few wipes to get it. I'm glad that we're trying different towers. And it was new and interesting for me since I got to be ammo on a demolisher. However, my driver hadn't ever done it before so he didn't understand that it was necessary to aim when he fired me at FL. So on at least 3 of our attempts I flew over, or landed short of, FL, and had a swift and pointless death.

Anyway after FL we went on to kill everything up to Kologarn. Our 2nd kill was Razorscale and she dropped the Living Flame. Kuan and Viljo were the only two who rolled and Viljo got it with just a tiny bit higher PR. Hopefully it will drop next week and Kuan can get it then. Aside from FL it was a pretty smooth run. We only wiped once on Ignis and Kolo, and didn't wipe at all on Razorscale, XT or Iron Council.

The excellent part of the run were that since we killed 7 bosses and FL was hard mode we got 8 badges of conquest. So Viljo had enough badges to get his Conqueror's Kirin Tor Hood. And enough orbs dropped (three from FL) that there was a 6 pack of Runed Orbs and it was Viljo's turn so he found someone to make the Sash of Ancient Power.

Anyway between the trinket and the new hat Viljo now has his Epic Achievement:

And since both the hat and the trinket had boat loads of hit he swapped from a Frostfire Bolt spec to Fireball spec. I haven't had a chance to pound on a training dummy yet but hopefully both the gear and the spec will increase his dps.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hodir Defeated

This week Deterrence did a pretty good job pwning in Ulduar 25. Wednesday evening we had quite an effective raid and had our 2nd kill of Auriya. After clearing all of the first two sections of Ulduar we called it a night.

Saturday evening we went in and on our 2nd attempt we defeated Hodir. I say defeated instead of kill or murdered or dismembered or clobbered, because unfortunately none of the Keepers of Ulduar can be actually killed. Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, and Hodir all have their health reduced to 1 hp and then suddenly "come to their senses" and decide to help you if you ask them. I know that they are helpful against Yogg, but I would really like to see Hodir's broken and bleeding body after what we had to go through with his Sons.

Anyway, also on Saturday we tried Thorim a couple of times. However we're still having issued with the division between the tunnel and the arena. Either the tunnel isn't moving fast enough or the arena dies, or sometimes both.

So today we tried out Freya. She is a fight similar in idea to Sartharion. There are three adds and they each drop a badge of conquest. Yay extra badges! This meant, that even though we didn't kill Freya we still got 3 conquest badges. And this meant that Kuanchichi had enough badges to get [Conqueror's Worldbreaker Helm]! Yay for Kuan! This even better than it sounds because that piece has hit and so Kuan could swap in the [Valorous Worldbreaker Shoulderpads] which had been won in a previous Uld10 run and still have enough hit.

After tonight Viljo is up to 51 Conquest badges. I am hopeful that Deterrence can kill enough bosses in Uld on Wednesday for him to get the Conqueror's helm. Perhaps we'll kill Emalon and get some extra badges.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy spec for Telt

I've been thinking about it and doing some reading and I think I'm going to change Telt's spec to this. It's pretty similar to what she already has but with a bit more emphasis on Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing and with the points maxed out on Serendipity instead of Test of Faith. It's still not the cookie cutter holy raiding talents/glyphs, however, I think it will do better for when she does go into a raid as well as continue to be handy for 5-mans. Since 5-mans is what she is doing most of the time currently.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dual spec

Eeyan now has a raiding spec.

the 4 hour epic

We took Eeyan and Teltanara into a Naxxramas pug this evening. The loot rules were 2-needs and 3-greeds. They'd down'd part of Construct before we joined.

So right before doing that Eeyan got 6 Titansteels together and finally made a [Titansteel Shanker] for himself. That put him with an offspec weapon in his offhand, unideal to say the least. And he's still not raid spec'd, although I will fix that some time in the next couple days by dual spec'ing him.

Anyhow I at least know how to play him and don't die to stupid things. Or so I thought, Eeyan died to red twice. And Telt is an awesome healer (she was second in raid healing, to get an idea of how Naxx pugs are nowadays). But there were no hunters or other rogues in there, or for that matter feral druids either. And pallies and death knights can't use fist weapons or daggars.

So Eeyan made out like a BANDIT. His two "needs" were [Aged Winter Cloak] and [Strong-Handed Ring]. But, we did Spider wing last. [Webbed Death] dropped, and I rolled greed/os for it since Eeyan has been spec'd Combat Maces for a while. Then [Infectious Skitterer Leggings] dropped, and I was sad I'd used up my rolls. But the RL said just roll greed, and the druid who beat me went ahead and passed, yay! And then, we went against Kel'Thuzad, and Eeyan died ignominiously to a Shadow Fissure on the first two tries. But on the last try, we down'd him and he dropped [Calamity's Grasp]. To my surprise, not quite though, nobody wanted it, and Eeyan got that too.

That was too cool for words and Eeyan is now respec'd Close Quarters Combat. But clearly the Correct enchant to put on this weapon was Mongoose, and Telt never got it. So we pestered Cemaros to come into Karazhan with us and kill Moroes, who obliged and dropped [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose].

Words can't describe how cool this looks so here:

Anyhow, the Titansteel Shanker is vendored now. Lasted about 4 hours. Ah well if I didn't have it (Telt had enchanted it too) I am sure these items would not have dropped for me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catching up on Ulduar

So while this weekend is a break, we've been running Ulduar with both 10- and 25-man teams from Deterrence.

Ulduar is basically in 4 wings and Kuan has been in teams that have cleared the first three on 10-man and the first two on 25-man. Viljo has not been so lucky and has cleared the first two only, but has been getting more upgrades than Kuan.

Deterrence has been having an attendance problem on their 25-mans, which has really hampered progress. I mean really with the bulk of the raid in Naxx gear we are not ready to be 21-manning the 25-man bosses. That's not stopping us from trying. Here we are trying Iron Council a month ago with 21.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missing Outland Reps

Mornara is 68 and Ikoli is 67, thanks to Midsummer and the massive XP from honoring/desecrating flames. So, in theory, we could take them to Northrend in a little while. However both DraNgNon and I enjoy playing characters through the leveling process, not just powering them to 80 and raiding. We realize however that there is no way we're going to get these two characters to finish all of the quests and zones in Outland before they should have moved on. There are four zones they haven't touched at all, and the three zones they have touched are only half done at best.

So we've decided that we need to concentrate on what is actually important for them to get out of Outland: Reputation. Specifically we want them to have enough reputation to get all the heroic dungeon keys, decent shoulder enchants, and the correct head enchants.

Mornara needs:
- Cenarion Expedition to Honored - *done*
- Thrallmar to Honored - *friendly*
- Sha'tar to Honored - *neutral*
- Lower City to Honored - *friendly*
- Keepers of time to Revered (tank head) - *neutral*
- Scryers to Honored (shoulders) - *friendly*

Ikoli needs:
- Cenarion Expedition to Honored - *done*
- Thrallmar to Revered (healing head) - *friendly*
- Sha'tar to Honored - *neutral*
- Lower City to Honored - *friendly*
- Keepers of time to Honored - *neutral*
- Aldor to Honored (shoulders) - *friendly*

Unfortunately they are both pretty far away on most of these. And there is also the offspec head enchants. CE revered for Mornara and Sha'tar revered for Ikoli. They are both especially far away on KoT and Sha'tar. Sha'tar will gain some rep as they turn in signets/marks for Scryer/Aldor. However the only way I know of for KoT rep is to run those instances...