Friday, July 29, 2011

Cenarion Idiocy

DraNgNon and I have long thought that the Cenarion druids are dumb. We are not the only ones with this opinion.

I really just want to beat Mylune to death. She and her stupid little wild creatures are not helping the bigger fight against Ragnaros. Stupid Cenarions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making of another death knight...

Yogg's brain is a rather scary place. When you take the brain portal in you'll see one of three different memories where Yogg-Saron influenced history in ways that weren't good for the mortal races.

There is the Deathwing making the demon soul, Garona assassinating King Llane, and the Lich King torturing someone into being his death knight.

Before Ice Crown Citadel was broken into, there was some debate as to who the Immolated Champion was. It turned out to be Fordragon. He was poisoned by the Apothecaries and then burned by the red dragons. Neither of these were good for his health. When we see him in Yogg's brain he is prisoner of the Lich King. He is being tortured as Saurfang the Younger (already broken) looks on.

It's always a sad and scary vision for Mornara to deal with.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Balloon Boy!

Patch 4.2 added a lot of new things to the game. New dailies, new raid, new gear, and a few new quests.

One new quest is to find all of Jaga's balloons. His dad bought him a bunch of balloons from the Darkmoon Faire and the wind blew them away.

If you're nice enough to help him out, he'll even let you have one of the balloons. Then, well, he is a small orc boy, and there are a lot of balloons that you just found for him...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Season 10

With the recent patch (4.2) the new arena season started. New gear! An additional venue for arenas! Reset ratings!

In theory this is good. In reality this is excruciating.

Oh, the new arena venue is fine. Mornara finally got the World Wide Winner Achieve because she was able to win an arena battle in the Ring of Valor.

But the reset ratings and new gear is not so great.

The gear that Kuan and Morn sweated and bled for last season is worse than all of the new stuff. So all of our PvP, both arena and battle ground, is painfully and under geared.

Also the ratings are all messed up. The team ratings were all reset. So our ratings for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 are all at 0 or just above. But the MatchMaking Value (MMV) was NOT reset and is inflated from the previous season. It feels like we're starting fresh like we had to when we hit 85, but with a big rating handicap.

Dark Phoenix

Thursday, July 21, 2011


For years now DraNgNon has been wanting a Mechano-Hog for Eeyan. Because really, what looks more bad ass than a rogue in a hog?

Samajaja, an awesome priest in Darkfall, was nice enough to give DraNgNon a hog as a birthday present. Eeyan promptly took a tour around Durotar with Telt in sidecar.

Pretty badass, no? Well actually there is something that looks more badass than a rogue in a mechano-hog.

A rogue in a mechano-hog with Warglaives of Azzinoth.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Molten Core

Last night a few of us smashed through the level 60 raids. It was the usual Monday fun raid, and it was still fun even if only 4 of us showed up. Moo and Sama joined DraNgNon and I in Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and then Sama swapped out and Wian came to Ruins of Ahn'Quiraj and the first boss of Karazhan.

It was actually rather amusing that four of us could so handily kill everything in Molten Core. Not surprising, but very amusing.

Ragnaros only tossed me once and was quite amusing to deal with.

Part of me had been hoping that there would be drops for the various legendary weapons that can appear in Molten Core. Alas there were no bindings, and no Eye of Sulfuras.

However, there was an Orb of Deception that dropped from Ragnaros. Tylara won the roll for it. We all demanded that she equip it immediately, so we could see what ugly alliance race she turned in to and laugh.

Eee! Draenei!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Defender of a Shattered World

I've had a frustrating time with Wow since 4.2 dropped. The laptop isn't handling the graphics well. I lock up and crash on Occu'thar, and Firelands is better, but still and exercise in frustration. The Season 10 Pvp gear far outclasses Kuan's all-epic season 9 gear, so most of pvp has been taking a dirt nap.

I was cranky but Clara finally convinced me to come along to a Throne of the Four Winds raid. I did horrible there too, DC'ing means you get punted by the squall line, but I took a bunch of cool screenshots (well other than all the D/c's kept un-hiding my quest objectives). But we did manage to bring him down, and that was quite satisfying.

I'm sure it won't stay this frustrating. But meanwhile, Kuan and Morn have the title, "Defender of a Shattered World". I have to say, the icon for it is kinda cool, I hope it isn't prescient for how the game evolves.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nefarian down

Nefarian down!

This actually happened 2 weeks ago, but better late with the photo than never.

It was after 4.2 and they really did nerf the crap out of him. We killed him on our 2nd try. The only reason we didn't 1-shot him was because one offtank had a mouse malfunction.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ghoul Names, Part 2

Time for another episode of "WTF is my ghoul called now?"

Also, my ghouls are ugly. Not nearly so well preserved as some other undead that I know of.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Children's Week

Children's Week is actually one of my favorite holidays. You've got an orphan you take around for a whole week. Showing your little orc ward around Azeroth and your young blood elf ward around Outland. The quests are fun and the achieves are pretty good too.

This year the Orgrimmar orphan quests were redone because of Cataclysm. So my little orc friend had all new adventures to suggest. Of course we did them all, but some of his ideas were a bit crazy.

I'm really not sure that the rocket is supposed to shoot quite that much flame little guy... But, hey, it's goblin technology so who knows, and at least we didn't didn't actually die.

There was some epic dragon kite flying that happened on the bluffs above Org. The orc orphan really had a lot of fun running around with the different dragon kites.

Ah, but probably the best part of the week was teaching my little buddy about PvP. And more importantly the proper way to smash Alliance in Warsong. It's very important for a young orc to learn about Warsong Gulch and how to pwn properly.

Ony Kite!

SQUEEEEEEEE! Ony Kite! Ony Kite!

My Kiting Loot Card finally arrived today. It took a while, between several scheduling mistakes where I missed the ebay auction and one huge Paypal fuckup where they ENTIRELY LOST my bank info.

But the card is here now, so all is well.

I shall be running everything with a dragon kite trailing after me now.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Choices

Some characters in WoW have awesome armor. Their weapons glow with purpose and their armor gleams with magic. Other characters... don't.

Look at Therazane. Technically she has no armor, but then again she is made of stone so all of her is armor? Either way, she is not attractive. She is distinctive and awesome. But her look is not so great.

Thrall as world-shaman has new armor as well. Most of his gear looks pretty good. He's a shaman and you can tell that by looking at him. But his gigantic beaded necklace is a tad bit ridiculous.

Both of these characters have armor that fits them and their purpose well, but it's not all that great looking in an absolute sense. At least they are luck enough to have a matching set. Mornara was just starting to get a full matching set and now the Firelands pieces are coming in and looking silly....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The Goblins of Warcraft are portrayed as mobsters with a strong explosive bent. Their main loves seem to be money and blowing shit up.

They don't seem to have a particular care as to how they make their money. They'll sell you whatever you'll pay for and the more you pay the better.

Blowing shit up is a pretty big priority for the goblins.

Well maybe money and bombs aren't their only loves. Perhaps the male goblins like other types of bombshells too: