Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cho'gall DOWN!

Cho'gall down!

That stupid ugly two headed ogre is finally dead. He dropped some delicious purples, but the best part was coming together as a team and kicking his eyeballed ass. I am super proud of the guild as a whole, and especially of everyone who was there tonight.

It was our second and a half night of trying him. We'd had one night of 25man attempts before, and had a couple of tries in 10-man. But tonight we knocked over BH first thing and then reactivated a lock so we could go straight to beat Cho'gall up.

And even though we had a few pugs in the group, we still had enough people to make it a Darkfall run! So guild achieve too!

Now if you'll excuse me I'll go back to my chair dance of celebration. Squeeeee!

Friday, June 10, 2011


When questing for the Therazane's followers in Deepholm, trying to build their trust so Therazane will yield the Third Fragment of the World Pillar, a side quest chain comes up, to rescue a baby earth elemental named Pebble. Pebble takes a liking to the questor, and the rock giants issue dire warnings about being too nice to the elementals. The end.

Except it's not. Every once in a while, a quest will pop up in the Therazane dailies, where the tender of the baby earth elementals says, "Pebble has gotten himself lost again, somewhere deep in the Crumbling Depths.... He seems to like you. Please, go and find him and bring him out of those tunnels..." It's a basic escort quest, with little baby earth elemental Pebble tagging along. It's so cute. Pebble is cute.

Then I found out that doing the daily 10 times marks the Rock Lover achievement and Pebble becomes a pet! Since Kuanchichi the elemental shaman clearly needs an elemental pet, I started watching for the quest. And that's when I noticed something: Pebble doesn't just trail along, he'd attack anything I was fighting. Look at him go! ...he's in the upper right.

Pebble attacks!

Pebble is Bad Ass! Here's the combat log from that same screenshot! He's hitting for around 300 a swing. Not bad for a companion!

Pebble's damage!

I wondered if that would keep up once I got the achieve. That would just be too cool. I watched to see if Pebble ever changed, but he would always track behind the mob, and pound on them with his little Pebble arms. And then ding! I got the achieve. Kuan now has Pebble as a pet.

Of course pets are non-combat. I was clearly dreaming.

Pebble no longer attacks.

Nonetheless, Pebble is, actually, super special. Why? Becuase even as a non-combat pet, Pebble is Bad Ass! He's level 83 with the health to match. Don't be attacking Pebble!

Pebble sure has a lot of health...

Anyhow, Pebble is now the pet Kuan has been keeping out. I'm not sure he isn't out of his depths getting dragged all over Azeroth, but he is very loyal even when his favorite person does things beyond his, or anyone's, understanding...

Pebble watches Kuanchichi being silly

Thursday, June 9, 2011

art shot

For some reason, I've always thought they did the westering sun in Thousand Needles just right.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arena Fun

On Saturday nights Kuan and Mornara do PvP. This generally consists of a battleground and then some arenas. We started out just doing 2v2, but after doing this for a couple of weeks we gathered, well audience isn't quite the right word. Perhaps its most accurate to say we inspired more people to do PvP on Saturday nights.

Our friend the fabulous disc priest was interested in coming along. So we started doing some 3v3 as well. Sama joined our 3v3 team "Stands in the Bad". It's a lot of fun, though I do feel bad every time a rogue stunlocks and kills her in the first 15 seconds of the match....

We've also got a 5v5 team that plays occasionally. 5v5 is quite chaotic. It's really hard to figure out who to kill on their team. And I'm thinking that the tracking is a bit off. I assure you that our hunter did not do that much healing.

We've been steadily getting better at both 2v2 and 3v3. Our rating for last week's 3v3 was 1006, and for 2v2 is is currently 1027. For people who are just out there to get some conquest points that's pretty good. Especially since we don't have actual pvp specs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

25man progress

It's taken Darkfall a while to build up to a full 25man raid. However I'm very proud to say that last night and Tuesday night we actually had full DF raids.

It was glorious!

Not only do I have to spend less time explaining every fight, but we are actually starting to gel as a team. And the loot is faster to give out as well. Though I'm not sure if that is an artifact of Earthen distributing it instead of me or it actually being faster.

On Tuesday We knocked out 5 bosses. We took out Argaloth and then the first 4 bosses in Blackwing Descent. We had a couple of attempts on Atramades as well, but ran out of time. We'll go back on Sunday and wipe the floor with him and then beat on Nefarian for a while.

Last night we plowed through Bastion of Twilight. We one shot both Halfus and the Double Dragons. And, the actual sign of progression, only had one stupid embarrassing wipe on the trash, when I didn't explain a new strategy for the last pack of trash before them well enough.

But the triumph of last night was that we finally killed Ascendant Council on 25man. We last killed them on 10 man in early April.

Even though we already had a 10man kill shot I made everyone stand in front of the corpse so I could take pictures. If you click through and look closely you can see the belt that is all that is left of those stupid elementals.