Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last night Eeyan and Teltanara got to level 75. They were doing a bunch of quests in Grizzly hills. These included freeing Troll spirits, freeing Ursoc's spirit, literally raining destruction down on the iron Dwarves, and finding shimmercap mushrooms. Bloody annoying to find those were, too.

Anyway they cut a swath of destruction through Grizzly Hills. Well Eeyan did anyway, as usual Telt followed behind him and looted, while casting an occasional renew on the uber-leet combat rogue.

After they were 75 and trained we decided that Drak'theron Keep and Violet Hold, were in order. But first we took a break for dinner. When I logged back in there was some allliance pally trying to do something in Conquest Hold. I have no idea what but he had a couple of DKs pounding on him. He was level 80 and trying to take out the level 76 DK, so I dropped a bunch of heals. The dumbass never even noticed me, he just kept pounding on the smaller DK and never noticed that he wasn't dying...

Anyway, the level 80 DK and I started talking and "she" agreed to tank us through DTK. I have put she in quotes because despite her stated gender she was attempting to flirt with me the whole time. If she'd been a better tank it might have been less annoying. As it was I just tried my best to ignore it.

Anyway we made it through DTK and then reformed for VH. VH is apparently a lot harder to tank than DTK. This makes sense when you are new to tanking. Anyway it was with patience and instruction from the whole group that we got through VH. The two dps we picked up were both alts of tanks. So they were quite good at telling our noob tank what to do on the bosses.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chef Kuanchichi

I have again been working too much, but I had enough energy tonight to play low key Wow. So no raids or instances, but Kuanchichi got run around all over Northrend to gather the fishies for a Fish Feast!

The cooking daily was Mustard dogs, which yields 2 Dalaran Cooking awards, which is all Kuanchichi needed to get his very last Northrend cooking recipe, Spiced Mammoth Treats. Ta-daaa! Chef Kuanchichi!

Now if only I could get him 160 cooking recipes. How does Horde do that?! Will the Alliance vendors in their starting areas drop them if you kill them?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009




So in Icecrown, Tirion Fordring, leader of the Argent crusade sends you to check on one of his Argent Crusade pally dudes. You go, and you find that, lo and behold, the pally dude is sick! With the plague! Oh noes!!!1!!!one!!!

Pally person says, "leave me to die, for that way I am the most heroic and stuck up pally dude ever". You go back and tell Tirion this. Tirion is all, "oh hell no! we're not leaving pally dude to die! Go and talk to the droods."

So you go and do some druid stuff, and then you go back to pally dude with the an object containing the life giving Powar of Nature! But it has no effect on pally dude, he still had the plague.

You tell Tirion this, and he is all "oh no he didn't! go to the red dragons!" And you go and do stuff for them and go back to the pally dude. Pally dude is all "I am ready for pain" and you set him on fire. It's healing fire! Really! However it doesn't cure pally dude. He still has the plague. And is dying.

So once again you talk to Tirion. And Tirion is all "I know what to do! We'll call on The LIGHT" Laaaaaaa! And Tirion says go to Shatt. And then no good nosy Kirin Tor mage sticks her obnoxios self in and pops a port! So Viljo slaps her for pushing in on his porting business. And both Kuan and Viljo go to talk to A'dal.

A'dal is all <chime chime chime> "The LIGHT will help you." Laaaaaa! And then the rat bastard ports us to Dal! Viljo would have slapped him too! But he ported me instantly. :(

Anyway pally dude gets purified by the light, and all the 13 year old alliance people are happy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Progress and Backfill

After almost a week's hiatus becuase of work and other life reasons, Kuanchichi and Viljo burst back onto the scene again Saturday afternoon, just in time to go to a raid of Sartharion with a drake up. This took a couple tries... we left up Tenebron, and if the little whelps aren't picked up, they can daze people running to the gaps in the lava walls.

It seems to me also that they have moved the gaps. I couldn't get Kuan to them to save his life, and thus finally got the achievement: You Are a Noob And Died Early Against Sarth. We both also got the Heroic: Twilight Assist.

That didn't take long so we hit up EoE for some tries against Malygos. That was interesting and fun, for all that we didn't have enough people alive for phase 3 to get him down. I am sure it will happen in the next week. Hopefully Kuan or Viljo will be in that raid.

Afterwards, we hit up Rahlenti and cleared every last Outland Heroic that was still missing for the Outland Dungeon Hero achievement. That had been really bugging me since Kuan has cleared all of them so many times. Finally!

Last but not least, today Kuan finally one-shotted Troll Patrol: The Alchemist's Apprentice. Now, that's an achievement.

Friday, March 6, 2009

better late than never

I'm liking my new guild already.

Mighty Protection

After joining Twisted Minds, Kuanchichi and Viljo were knocking out a few quests in Icecrown last night. A couple of these quests were to go to Malykriss and kill Skeletal Runesmiths. We were happily laying waste to the skeletons and collecting quest items, when suddenly Recipe: Mighty Fire Protection Potion drops! We were not expecting that!

Possibly we should have looked up protection potion recipes, but we'd both gotten maxxed out on the recipes we could learn from Northrend Alchemy Research. So I figured that was all of it. Silly me... stupid Blizz.

Anyway another copy of the mighty fire prot recipe dropped before we were done with our quests in Malykriss. So we both have the recipe now. We just need the other mighty protection potions. They happen to be dropped by other mobs in Icecrown.
Dammed Apothecary (Frost)
Cult Alchemist (Nature)
Cult Shard Watcher (Shadow)
Frostbrood Spawn (Arcane)

It turns out that these same mobs also drop the Tailoring and Leatherworking resist items of the same school. So when she gets big enough Teltanara will also be farming these guys.

New Guild

After a break from WoW for a couple of days because of various life things, DraNgNon and I finally got a chance to log back in tonight. We'd been thinking about it for a while and had come to the conclusion that Thwarted Destiny was not for us any longer. Between the stupid loot system, the vehement insistent on not doing 25-mans until we were "ready", and driving out the tanks it had become not fun to be in. So we planned to gquit.

Before we logged on Kuan and Viljo we were bopping around doing AH stuff on alts. DraNgNon saw a resto shaman friend of ours and stuck up a conversation about her guild, since she left Darkfall, too. Turns out she is in Twisted Minds, which is led by Guitarkilla. Guitarkilla also used to be in Darkfall, but he left long ago. Like everyone else he used to be a noob, and long long ago Kuan and Viljo went through UBRS with him and some other people.

However Guitarkilla now seems to run a pretty decent guild. There is no attendance requirements or dkp, just show up at raid time and he'll try to fit everyone in. If you can't make the raid feel free to pug stuff. Twisted Minds runs 25-mans regularly. I was initially not sure of joining because their raid time is at 6 server, but it turns out more of their runs are on the weekends. And honestly even if we can't make raids most of the time, at least they are actually raiding. And there were 14 people online tonight. So here's hoping the new guild works out. :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

Level 63!

We decided to play Mornara and Ikoli yesterday afternoon. They were getting neglected and we wanted to just chill out. We did a few quests in Hellfire Peninsula so they would be friendly with Thrallmar and could get the Spinebreaker fp.

Then they headed to Zangarmarsh! Whee Zangarmarsh! Ikoli was quite happy to see all the other trolls. Mornara was a little sad to leave the orcs in HFP, but not too sad. She wasn't all that interested in the heat and the dust. Though they were both sorely put upon by the stupid stupid druids of the Cenarion Expedition.

Anyway several quests were done. It's quite an amusing change of pace from Telt running around after Eeyan to have Ikoli running around after Mornara. We killed a bunch of Broken and cleaned out the marsh things from the cave. After those and a few more quests we both leveled. Ikoli to 61 and Mornara to 63.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

the difference between 10 and 25 is...

captured perfectly in this a screenshot from the Naxx 25 PUG we were in last night.

Heroic Naxx!

Friday night Rahlenti joined Kuan and Viljo to knock out a bunch of the Outland dungeons. Since all 3 of us had, many times over, done all of those heroics, we just hadn't actually got credit for them.

We were going to finish up last night, but first DraNgNon and I were eating dinner and then Rahlenti was eating dinner. So we figured we'd wait for him on some alts. I was checking some auctions on my banker when I saw someone asking for more for Naxx 25. So we decided to do that instead.

Miraculously it was actually a pretty good pug. Starting from a fresh Naxx we cleared all 4 wings and Sapph and KT. This got Kuan and Viljo 5 new achievements since they had only ever done the Plague and Spider wings on heroic. We one shot every boss except Razuvious and KT. For Razuvious our priests were new and had trouble the first time with the MC. KT we had a bit of an interrupt and healer fail. I think there was too much raid damage and the healers couldn't deal with that and forgot to heal the off tanks.

But we did it! Viljo got a belt and boot upgrade and his Valorous chest. Kuan got a couple of upgrades too, but I forget what they are.