Saturday, October 31, 2009


That's how it feels anyhow. Today Kuan has gotten (in reverse order) Medium Rare, Glaive Grave, Four Car Garage, Ruby Void, Emerald Void. Viljo has gotten Medium Rare, All Over the Isle, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Sinister Calling, Four Car Garage, Ruby Void, and Emerald Void.

Teltanara picked up Black War Mammoth, Wintergrasp Victory, That Takes Class, and Know Thy Enemy.

And Tylara and Kairon have been getting the "tricks and treats" achieves.

Kuan also picked up enough honor in Isle of Conquest and Wintergrasp to upgrade his [Medallion of the Horde].

This is all totally pleasing and I just wanted to note it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

For The Horde

Kuan and Viljo popped online Sunday evening. We had been planning to do some farming before the 9pm Ulduar raid. Maybe we'd run a heroic and get the daily done.

Instead draNgNon saw "LFM for Cap city raid" in trade chat. I quickly swapped to Viljo from my banker alt and off we went. The group decided to do Ironforge first. There was the usual mixups where people were confused about where to go and various people were unable to get on a bird and fly. But fortunately we had locks, so the summons went out.

Anyway, Ironforge was the first city we hit. We rode from Kargath and straight in the front gates of IF. As we rode into the throne room the RL apparently got coldfeet. He tried to tell us to abort because there were too many Allies. Fortunately everyone ignored him and we slaughtered Magni Bronzebeard. Booyah! Death to the King! And since that was the last Alliance leader that Kuan and Viljo needed they also got For the Horde!

There were enough alliance to kill us so we killed Magni but couldn't escape ourselves. Quick graveyard rez and then a port to Stonard. There Kuanchichi and Viljo checked their mail.

Thrall is so proud of us! We killed the Alliance leaders! He is so happy we did that that he sent us BEARS to ride.

Yay Black War Bear!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday I was on my banker alt, Athria. I was putting a few things in the Ah and checking what had sold. Since she is my banker I have trade showing for her. Usually I find trade a wretched hive of scum and villainy, filled only with people asking dumb questions and posting Chuck Norris jokes. I do track it just because rarely people will actually have something they want to sell or buy.

Yesterday I saw someone looking for more for Black Wing Lair, the level 60 tier 2 raid. While both Kuan and Viljo did actually raid it at level 60 neither of them killed Nefarian, the end boss. So we joined up and headed to Black Rock Mountain. It was definitely a blast from the past. With a full raid of 80s the raid went fast. We just smashed through everything.

At the end Nef died speedily and both Kuanchichi and Viljo got the BWL achieve. Kuan also got Classic Raider, but Viljo is missing ZG and RAQ. I'm sure this will eventually become a feat of strength because Cataclysm and the upcoming destruction from Deathwing will most likely destroy the piddly strong hold that his easily defeated son (Nef) had created.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Non-progression 10man raiding

For all that he's mostly been doing dailies, and not even selling mats or crafted items, Eeyan sure generates a lot of gold.

But, that gets boring. And Eeyan had not actually completed any 10man raids in WotLK. So today I caught some folks in guild chat who were feeling like OS 10, and Eeyan and Teltanara and a handful of guildies ran it and got the completion achievement!

Right when we finished, Evallen logged on. She was also feeling the lack of 10man raids in her uh, unlife and so despite it being Saturday we managed to put a run together with 6 Darkfallers and 4 pugs. It had some slow moments in there as we swapped out pugs (the dps warrior who only did 1400dps and had no flying mount got kicked after a while), but was pretty straight forward and we even oneshot Kel'thuzad. None of the Darkfallers in the run (including 3 mains) had down'd 10man Kel'thuzad before so I felt pleased it wasn't just a bunch of guildies escorting Eeyan and Telt through. Unfortunatly, Eeyan died the most. :-( I need to start actually playing him a bit more seriously.

He also got his [Heroes' Bonescythe Pauldrons], better late than never I suppose.

I am sure Clara will update this from a different perspective - she's been playing around with addons and these raids were her first use of the new setup -

Friday, October 23, 2009

Going for the gold

So Clara and I have decided our Bank of Balou guild will have to pay for its own damned fourth bank tab. That means Lithui, her paladin fence, has to sell shit off to make the 1000 gold necessary to buy it.

The first 500 gold was pretty easy. And our other toons now have slightly more bank space. The next little bit of gold came from Kuanchichi farming Cenarion Circle rep in Silithus - goodness that has a lot of Runecloth as a side effect. But now it's gotten to the point where it will take actual effort.

Last night we decided to really quantify what was needed to make the money. I logged in Ikoli and Clara logged in Lithui, who has various game economic addons enabled. And we went through the list of what Inscriptions she can generate, and she made some of each of the most profitable ones and sent them off.

This weekend we'll see how well that works.

I can't wait until we get the fourth Bank Tab. Bank of Balou is overflowing and I still have lots of shared items to put in there.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Exalted CC

Kuanchichi has earned the title "Kuanchichi, Guardian of Cenarius".

Yes, young Paduwan, those Encrypted Twilight Texts are good for something.

note for reference, Kuan's raider eligibility

Darkfall requires 75% raid attendance on its raiders. Right now since Kuanchichi rejoined there have been 11 raids and he's attended 5.

I'll app for raider once it gets to 75%...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Son of ToC10 Fail

Friday night we took Mornara and Ikoli into Botanica, and killed two mobs, which is what it took to get Sha'tar Honored and the Heroic Key for Tempest Keep. While we did this, we convinced Rahlenti to walk us through Shadow Labs.

We had just embarked on this adventure when guildies put together another ToC10 run. This time they Rahlenti was going to tank, and since there was a mostly set of different people, we went to. They asked if Kuan was heals. I said "I can heal, but it is not my natural state of being." They got Eviljuls to be OT. She was worried about her health, but I wasn't really.

There were quite a few pugs, one at least I knew; a resto druid named Fleshwounds, whose lock is Doondoons and I've played with him on both toons plenty in the last couple years. So I felt better about this going in.

But we were still unable to get past the worms. Just total fail. A couple of the wipes were loosely my fault - Kuan died in the fire, once becuase he had a snobold and once becuase I was just too damned slow moving him - but after a large number of wipes, (mostly on Gormok, but a couple on worms) we gave up.

I don't get what the problem is, here. I don't think it's me, well other than the two wipes where I was in the fire...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ToC10 Fail

Last night we logged in to do a play a little bit of relaxing WoW. We were each bumming around on alts and about to do a few dailies and fish and such. Then someone asked if anyone wanted to do a ToC10 run. We said sure, and logged to Kuan and V and started moving to the instance.

We thought that it would be a speedy clear that would net us some nice badges and a potential upgrade dropping. Alas, it was not to be. The group was unable to get past Northrend Beasts. The whole thing was pretty fail. The tanks were both a little bit undergeared, all of us dps were not doing so hot, one of the priests had never seen it before, and the other priest was just not doing a good job.

It was really disappointing because both Kuan and V have done that instance just fine before. But instead of a nice speedy clear we just had wipes until we called it. We didn't ever get past the Jormungar. If we made it to them we would then die pretty swiftly to the worms.

Ah well, at least we when we called it WinterGrasp was just about to start. It made me fell better to go slaughter some Alliance and capture the Keep. :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ding! You have Guild Drama!

DraNgNon and I were driving home on Sunday night when my phone dinged. It was the new text message ding, and it was from Wendy. Wendy was texting us to let us know that someone had been kicked from the Darkfall.

There had been a few people leaving the guild over the weekend. Apparently they weren't happy with how things were going and went off to form their own guild. That's fine. I'm sure they will learn soon enough that running a guild is more work than they realized, and that getting 25 people together to raid is actually really hard. Anyway it only remained fine up to the point where they started trying to recruit people to join their new guild. Specifically people in Darkfall. That got the people who had not yet left but were recruiting kicked.

Anyway Wendy was texting to let us know that Hairsuit, the main beartank, had apparently posted on the Darkfall forums trying to recruit for the new guild. I don't know if he was planning on leaving or if he just thought that he was being helpful to people who might want to have a raid spot and currently didn't. Either way as soon as one of the officers saw his post he was no longer a member of Darkfall.

Now DraNgNon and I are wondering if we're the Typhoid Marys of Guild Drama. There was Drama, we left Darkfall last year. We went to Thwarted Destiny, and they had a couple of their better raiders leave. We went to Twisted Minds, and two thirds of their raiders left. We went to Deterrence, and while they recruited they never did get a regular enough group to get a full 25man going. And then some of the top officers stopped showing up and the guild fell apart. And now we're back in Darkfall, and 4 raiders have left. It's not enough to stop Darkfall from fielding full raids with several people on standby, but still it is weird.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Black Morass

Last night after we finally got on line we decided to mess about with Mornara and Ikoli. Even though we'd finished with work late I thought it was still early enough to get a Black Morass run in.

So Mornara and Ikoli grouped up and started looking for a few dps. We did a few quests in Nagrand before we ended up with a level 76 warrior, a 72 hunter, and hellnite (Hellwell's alt) a level 67 DK.

Of course we had forgotten to mention that BM needs the prereq of OHB in order to be able to enter it. It turns out that everyone but Mornara and Ikoli had not done OHB. SO we did that. It was pretty ok. Ikoli did a fine job of healing, and I think I did ok with tanking. I was a bit behind when Thrall went on his rampage, but at least I managed to keep Ikoli from getting hit too much. The hunter was pretty good, I got a bunch of misdirects from her, and that helped a lot.

Unfortunately after we did OHB the hunter had to bail because of a migraine. The warrior didn't say anything, but just disappeared. We were at a loss, because there was no way the three of us were going to do BM.

But then Eviljuls logged on. She said she'd help us. Unfortunately it turns out she had never gotten attuned to BM either. So back we went to OHB. It was a bit more chaotic this time, but with an 80 DK along it went even faster. So we blew through OHB and BM. And everyone got the achieve for reg BM. Perhaps if people are around we'll get H BM done tonight.