Monday, March 22, 2010

Icecrown Citadel Dialogue: Sister Svalna

In ICC, once you get through the lower spire and fight your way past Deathbringer Saurfang and into the Upper Spire you have some choices to make.

Well first you must make it past the deadly steam boss. It's like the slimes after Patchwerk all over again, except this is only a test of patience. Seriously all you have to do is not get hit by the blue gas. Just wait for it to clear, and then run past the jets. Wait for the next set of jets to clear and then run through them too. It's not hard at all, just requires patience.

Anyway, once past that you open up another transporter, and can go any of three different ways. Left to the Plague Wing. Forward to the Blood Wing. Right to the Frost Wing.

The beginning of the Frost Wing is full of frosty-type vyrkul and a few Ashen Verdict champion types who are there to help you.

Captain Brandon yells: By the light, the transporter worked!
Captain Rupert yells: I can feel the Lich King reaching out... watching us.
Crok Scourgebane yells: Our champions have lost much blood in the struggle to activate the Scourge transporter. We must be prepared to return the favor. Follow me, men!

Crok Scourgebane yells: Ready your arms, my Argent Brothers. The Vyrkul will protect the Frost Queen with their lives.
Captain Arnath yells: Even dying here beats spending another day collecting reagents for that madman, Finkelstein.

Crok Scourgebane yells: Enough banter! Our champions have arrived - support them as we push our way through the hall!
Sister Svalna yells: You may once have fought beside me, Crok. But now you are nothing more than a traitor. Come, your second death approaches!

Crok Scourgebane yells: Quickly, push on!
Captain Brandon yells: No amount of healing can save me now. Fight on, brothers...

Captain Rupert yells: It was... a worthy afterlife.

Crok Scourgebane yells: Her reinforcements will arrive shortly, we must bring her down quickly!
Sister Svalna yells: Foolish Crok. You brought my reinforcements with you. Arise, Argent Champions, and serve the Lich King in death!
Sister Svalna yells: Come, Scourgebane. I'll show the mater which of us is truly worthy of the title of "Champion"!
Captain Rupert yells: Ther is no escaping the Lich King's will. Prepare for an explosive encounter!
Sister Svalna yells: What a pitiful choice of an ally, Crok!
Crok Scourgebane yells: I'll draw her attacks. Return our brothers to their graves, then help me bring her down.

yells: What? This strength...? All of the pain is gone! You... must join me in the eternal embrace of death!

Sister Svalna yells: Perhaps... you were right, Crok.

Captain Rupert yells: What an... explosive ending!
Captain Brandon yells: I'm sorry...
Crok Scourgebane yells: I'll remain and inform Tirion of our progress. You must press on and bring down Sindragosa. Lok'tar, champions!
Captain Arnath yells: The loss of our comrades was unpreventable. The lived and died in teh service of the Argent Crusade.

Crok is the Ebon Champion, and there are four other Argent Crusaders with him. They are the questgivers from Zul'drak. And not the same ones die each time. I took the following screenshot from a different run. This time Arnath didn't survive:

Captain Arnath yells: Never... could reach... the top shelf...

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