Tuesday, June 22, 2010

that magic number, 68

We finally got Tylara and Kairon to level 68. That magic number, where both the beginning Northrend quests light up, and the Karazhan keying quest chain opens up.

The question is, do we start questing them in Northrend, or take the time to get them Heroic-keyed like we did with Mornara and Ikoli. The only keys they have left are Sha'tar, Keepers of Time, and of course, Karazhan.

It was going to be Lower City, as well, but we ran a random dungeon and ended up with Tylara tanking Sethekk Halls (at 67! OMG). That would have been more fun if the shaman in the party's answer to my asking for Tremor Totem when we got the the groups that feared was something other than "Meh."

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