Sunday, September 25, 2011

Firelands: Lord Rhyolith dialogue

Lord Rhyolith is the 3rd boss that Darkfall killed in the Firelands. He is a gigantic fire elemental who lives on an island surrounded by magma.

Rhyolith has two phases. For the first phase Rhyolith doesn't care about the raid. He just starts walking to the magma and once he gets to it will drink and then kill the raid with fiery death. The raid has to steer him away from the magma by hitting his right and left leg. He's also stomping which creaties volcanoes and spawns adds. So the melee is steering Rhyolith over active volcanoes to reduce his armor and the ranged is killing the adds. Rhyolith also causes the craters of the volcanoes he stomped on to erupt spewing lines of magma all over the place.

Phase two happens when Rhyolith gets down to 25% health. He breaks his remaining armor and goes all molten. If he hasn't been steered over enough active volcanoes by this point and still has any of his damage reduction buff you're going to die horribly.

Lord Rhyolith yells: Hah? Hruumph? Soft little fleshy-things? Here? Nuisances, nuisances!
Lord Rhyolith yells: I'll crush you underfoot!
Lord Rhyolith yells: Buuurrrnn!
Lord Rhyolith yells: Succumb to living flame.

Lord Rhyolith yells: Sear the flesh from their tiny frames!

Lord Rhyolith yells: Oh you little beasts...
Lord Rhyolith yells: Succumb to living flame.

Lord Rhyolith yells: Stomp now.
Lord Rhyolith yells: Graaahh!
Lord Rhyolith yells: Buuurrrnn!
Lord Rhyolith yells: Augh - smooshy little pests, look what you've done!

Lord Rhyolith yells: Oww now hey.

Lord Rhyolith yells: Eons I have slept undisturbed... Now this... Creatures of flesh, now you will BURN!
Once you've got him to 25%, and his armor is off you're mostly home free.

Lord Rhyolith yells: Uurrghh now you... you infuriate me.
Well home free unless you've taken too long and he superheats, which will wipe you.

Lord Rhyolith yells: Broken. Mnngghhh... broken...

The above shot is our first 25man kill and below is our first official 10man kill.

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