Sunday, October 20, 2013

Throne of Thunder: Lei Shen Dialogue

Once you fight your way through the Throne of Thunder the last boss you face will be Lei Shen the Thunder King himself. He's on a platform channeling lightning into the four conduits at the corners.

To get to that platform you need to use the Displacement Pad. Of course, as soon as you get near it Lei Shen is all peeved with you.

Lei Shen yells: You! You have earned my ire. I will make an example of you, such that all who look upon my might will tremble and submit.

Regardless of Lei Shen's ire we all displace over to his platform.

Lei Shen yells: I am Lei Shen, slayer of kings and gods. You have made a grave mistake.

Once you start the fight Lei Shen is, of course, full of bluster about how he's going to wipe the floor with you.

Lei Shen yells: Submit!

During the first phase the AoE that Lei Shen will use is Thunderstruck.

Lei Shen yells: Kneel!
Lei Shen yells: Die!
Lei Shen yells: You would challenge me in my own sanctum? Witness your folly!

The first phase lasts until you bring him down to 65% health. He'll attempt to Decapitate the tank he is is on periodically. So swap tanks and run away. Once he gets to 65% health he'll move to the center of the room and use all the abilities from each conduit.

Lei Shen yells: Bah! I will crush you myself. Let us see how you fare against Lightning.
Lei Shen yells: Kneel before me!

If you manage to survive the intermission, Lei Shen will burn one conduit out and then come after you again in a repeat of the first phase.

Lei Shen yells: My judgement is final.

Lei Shen yells: Unworthy.

When someone dies Lei Shen is rather rude and judgemental.

Lei Shen yells: My power cannot be contained!
Lei Shen yells: Lightning, seek my foes!

Lightning Whip isn't too terrible, just don't stand in the bad, and you'll be fine.

Lei Shen yells: No! You are UNWORTHY! I... AM... THE THUNDER KING!

After the second intermission and subsequent destruction of a second conduit, you've only got half the room to work with. Hopefully you've actually got a contiguous half of the room, or the last phase will be rough. Regardless Lei Shen is rather angry and a bit desperate at this point.

Lei Shen yells: Wind, heed my call!
Lei Shen yells: Lightning, seek my foes!
Lei Shen yells: I sought only to finish... the work of the Gods...

In the last phase he'll try to blow you off the platform with Violent Gale Winds. If you fail to fall to your death he will use Lightning Whip and Thunderstruck to try to destroy the raid.

Once you've defeated him Lei Shen will basically say he was just trying to do the right thing. I don't believe him, but it was a pretty epic fight.

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