Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kuan macro follow up

Just from playing with heroic dummies, having the macro on Lava Burst is worth 300 dps and between that an watching Event Horizon Kuan easily broke 3000 dps, self-buffed.

I then took him into Heroic Drak'Theron and did 1800 dps over all. My eyes were all over the screen and Event Horizon was not where they need to be for a real fight. bleh. Now I'm starting to experiment with a layout that puts Event Horizon up next to player and target unit frames, now.

Resto-wise, Kuan and Viljo went into Icecrown to kill some of those lvl 81 Elite giants partrolling on the parapets in the southwest part of the zone. I got very confused by every thing proc'ing! I'm not used to the healy stuff proc'ing on Kuan. Anyhow it was a bad test as Clara was also testing a "pvp" spec with high stam and so really the giant didn't hurt Viljo much at all. TopScore went nuts with the heal values though. Kuan has a pretty decent set of healy gear - it's not a lot of Tier pieces but he needs 7.5+ to upgrade it, he's over 2000 heals, self-buffed.

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