Friday, April 3, 2009

Career-driven leveling plans

After some talk, we pulled Eeyan and Telt into Twisted Minds. Since then they have suddenly had a burst of activity, since we are no longer worried about missing raid calls, and are now well into level 76!!!

After clearing Grizzly Hills and careful examination of professions, we took them to Sholazar Basin for questing and Mining. Eeyan is now 436 Mining or so, and is starting to get the Saronite he needs to skill up his Blacksmithing. But that won't last.

When I was leveling Eeyan to 70, I realized that if there is one thing worse feeling than a reputation grind, it was a pure reputation grind, and I spent a lot of his time mid-60s farming Firewing Signets. So, what we will do once they hit 77 is pick up Cold Weather Flying and head to Storm Peaks to get big fat blue santa claus rep going while all those quests can still provide XP. They'll stay parked there for the duration (until Exalted, or 80) while we work on Mornara and Ikoli. Hopefully there will be mining, or at least Eeyan but if not that's OK; Telt is behind on Tailoring and the SoH dailies and runups will definitely drop some cloth.

Why not Tylara and Kairon? Well that's also profession-driven: Ikoli is now 360+ Inscription, but needs to be level 65 to get Grand Master. She's 62, and has Silithus + 3 Outland zones available for questing, we just need to take some time to get that done. Meanwhile Tylara is still 281 or so Blacksmithing, and needs a metric ton of Thorium for that, so stays parked in Silithus til that is done.

Last but not least, professions aren't actually what the game is all about, and I need to remember how to heal with a priest, and Clara needs to learn to tank, and for that we need to play these guys more than a half-hour here and there.

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Wendy said...

Remind me again, why it's so important to get BlueClaus rep? I'm trying to figure out if this is something I should think about for Evallen.