Saturday, July 17, 2010

Main Change?

I have been playing WoW for almost 5 years. For most of that time my main has been Viljo the troll mage. I like Viljo. He occupies a place in my head that won't ever be replaced. He is my glass cannon. Capable of doing great damage, but regrettably he falls over dead when sneezed at by any sort of instance or raid trash. Don't even mention what happens when a boss looks crossly at him.

I rolled Viljo during Vanilla WoW, well before there was any such thing as dual specs. Respeccing was something you had to visit the trainer to do and was quite expensive at a time when there were no daily quests. Part of the reason I chose a mage was that they really only had one viable spec at a time. There would be no crap about going back to respec to healing or dps like some people had to deal with.

Now two expansions later the choice to go with a class that only has one role feels very limiting. Yes I enjoy pewpewing, but I also would enjoy doing something else too now and then.

So I'm considering switching my main to Mornara for Cataclysm. I've really been having fun tanking with Mornara. It's a very very different game when you wear plate and get hit by bosses intentionally. And even if I'm not tanking with her it's still very different to be melee dps than ranged caster dps.

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