Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Color Coordination

It's summer. The current expansion is winding down. Starcraft 2 will be released next week. All of these things mean that Darkfall is having trouble filing a full raid. So tonight Mornara was asked to come tank ICC25.

Here she is in the Upper spire of ICC25. Doesn't she look pretty in her summer tabard? I had to go with blue so it would match her eyes.

The first 7 bosses were already down, but we managed to kill Princes. There were a bunch of failed attempts on BloodQueen and on Valithria. Mostly due to our pretty bad attendance/composition. But regardless of what we killed, Mornara got some experience tanking in 25man ICC. Trash is weirdly hard to deal with when you're not sure which tank is pulling what. I had a hard time determining if I should taunt or when I should run in to grab stuff. Boss tanking was fun, but a bit scary. Mornara was usually offtank, or assigned to run around an help as needed. It required a lot of situational awareness, especially on Valithria, and it was a lot of fun.

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