Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goblins and Fish!

So the 4.0 Wow has dropped, and with it a lot of the quests reset in all of Azeroth. It looks like what Blizzard did was finally take into account the accelerated leveling from 1-60 and rework the quests so that the story lines fit in. And, of course, since Azeroth was shattered by Deathwing, and the faction leaderships have infighting, reworked some of the story lines to accomodate.

The old quests were removed - and often the credit for them, Kuanchichi's achieve points dropped by 150; Eeyan's quests completed total, by 830. And I was left at a loss what to do next!

The first and most obvious thing was to gather all the new and moved flight points. So I did that - on Kuan, the others still need it. But I finally settled on Steemwheedle cartel. I've wanted Kuan to get his reputation with that faction raised, and with a lot of the quests reset, that seemed like a good opportunity to get away from grinding pirates and Venture Co. kills. I've worked Kuan through a lot of the Kalimdor goblin quest hubs... Tanaris has changed a bit, well the eastern part, anyhow -

Another goblin cartel will join (have joined?) the Horde with 4.0/Cataclysm: the Bilgewater cartel. They seem to be fond of rockets -

They are also rivals to Steemwheedle. So some of the questlines trade off between Steemwheedle and Bilgewater faction. But anyhow, having goine through Kalimdor in a quick sweep, Kuan is now working the Booty Bay questlines, and is revered with both Ratchet and Booty Bay.

He also picked up a tabard, in Orgrimmar, for Bilgewater, since Horde factions can now be represented in dungeons with tabards much like the Northrend factions. Whilst in Orgrimmar last night - which, by the way, is rebuilding after the Shattering pretty much flattened it -

I thought I would pause and try a couple of casts for [Old Crafty]. And then I thought ooo, maybe that achieve is removed, so I looked. It's not removed. BUT I also found a freshwater fishing achieve! AND a salt water one! Damn that I didn't know this whist running around all of Azeroth trying for flight points! But anyhow, I haven't been able to get these achieves off my mind since. So, goblins must be set aside, I need to get all the non-Cataclysm fish for these achieves. Now.

Wait, why am I spending time on this blog post?

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