Monday, December 6, 2010

The Expansion Cometh!

We will have the Cataclysm expansion in less than 3 hours!

Clara and I decided that yesterday we would go after certain... prerequisites. Namely, getting the Glory of the Hero achieve on Mornara and Eeyan!!! We started out going after Less-rabi, and fell in with a pug that was farming Bilgewater Cartel rep. They were all quite happy to take the time to get whatever achieves anyone in the party was missing as long as we kept chaining the random heroics. We did this for the latter part of the evening.

In the end, Eeyan got Less-Rabi, Share the Love, Watch Him Die, Respect Your Elders, and Zombiefest!, and Mornara got Less-Rabi, Watch Him Die, Abuse the Ooze, and Zombiefest!. We each are one achieve away from Glory of the Hero and will be working on those two as soon as I finish this post.

Oh, and we got quite a bit of Bilgewater Cartel rep, too. Good, I think their tabard is sort of ugly.

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