Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ascendant Council

Sunday Darkfall went into Bastion of Twilight again. This time we had the whole evening to work on Ascendant Council. It was a rocky start, since we had a bunch of people who hadn't seen it at all.

It took a bunch of attempts, but we got phase one down and I started calling out every single upcoming thunderstorm and quake in phase two. Then we started getting to phase three regularly. And of course in phase three we died horribly to start with.

But we persevered! Our winning attempt was a crazy mess of people dropping like flies to the gravity and the lightning. I was spamming every single survivability cooldown I had. Death Strike FTW! It ended with me and our dps death knight the only ones still up. The other DK had jumper cables and even managed to get them to work on Kuan after the dust settled.

Our phase 3 was a crazy mess of running about, but our phase 1 and 2 on that attempt were just about perfect. No one died in either of the first two phases, and we had both pairs of bosses hit 25% health at just about the same time.

I'm so proud of Darkfall. :D

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