Friday, June 3, 2011

25man progress

It's taken Darkfall a while to build up to a full 25man raid. However I'm very proud to say that last night and Tuesday night we actually had full DF raids.

It was glorious!

Not only do I have to spend less time explaining every fight, but we are actually starting to gel as a team. And the loot is faster to give out as well. Though I'm not sure if that is an artifact of Earthen distributing it instead of me or it actually being faster.

On Tuesday We knocked out 5 bosses. We took out Argaloth and then the first 4 bosses in Blackwing Descent. We had a couple of attempts on Atramades as well, but ran out of time. We'll go back on Sunday and wipe the floor with him and then beat on Nefarian for a while.

Last night we plowed through Bastion of Twilight. We one shot both Halfus and the Double Dragons. And, the actual sign of progression, only had one stupid embarrassing wipe on the trash, when I didn't explain a new strategy for the last pack of trash before them well enough.

But the triumph of last night was that we finally killed Ascendant Council on 25man. We last killed them on 10 man in early April.

Even though we already had a 10man kill shot I made everyone stand in front of the corpse so I could take pictures. If you click through and look closely you can see the belt that is all that is left of those stupid elementals.

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