Thursday, October 27, 2011

Attack on Taurajo

I have been leveling Khyrie in Kalimdor. With all the leveling speed buffs and doing an instance every so often I've been doing green quests almost all of the time. However, I really wanted to see as much of the post-Cataclysm quests as I could.

There have been some really good changes to the way that many of the zones were upgraded and streamlined. A fair amount of it sadly feels on rails, but the new quests in general are interesting and entertaining. However, the Southern Barrens really just ripped my heart out.

What used to be the single big rolling plain of the Barrens, is now split in half by a huge and horrible lava filled cleft. The Northern Barrens remain similar to what they used to be: a relatively safe area where the Horde is carving out a place to live in Kalimdor. However the Southern Barrens are drastically changed.

In particular I almost cried when I saw that Taurajo was a burned ruin filled with looters.

There are several quests to go back to Taurajo from the refugee camp to the north. Someone wants you to kill looters, but Winnoa Pineforest wants you to Honor the Dead. You've got to take a Tauren funerary totem and place it by the dead bodies of four Tauren who stayed behind in Taurajo to make sure that others escaped.

Omusa's Spirit says: No, stay with the others. Escort them north, away from the fighting. I will stay here with the wyvern and cover your escape. Go!
Omusa's Spirit says: ...wait, is it over? I've been run through... Ah. Of course. I understand now. I am expected elsewhere.
(Then Omusa's spirit flies off on a spectral wyvern.)

Drahn's Spirit says: I can feel the embrace now of all living things, the Earthmother's eternal peace. Thank you.

Krulmoo's Spirit says: I ran to wake the others up when the attack hit. Were they able to escape? I tried to fight the soldiers off with a skinning knife...

Yonada's Spirit says: Alliance - they've surrounded the camp! What are they doing here? Why are they attacking Taurajo? Get the children - run! RUN!

I was deeply saddened by the destruction of Taurajo and the sacrifice of the Tauren that I eulogized. I'm not ashamed to admit that Khyrie slaughtered as many Looters as she could find.

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