Friday, October 28, 2011


So there is a legendary for the 4.2 patch and Firelands. It's a caster dps staff. It has lore for the blue dragon aspect, as well as being a stupendouslu awesome dps weapon.

It requires a lot of effort from a whole guild to make. There are at least 3 big collection quest stages where you only get boss drops. There are a few solo sections, some lore-ish and some actually challenging. And there is a boss that takes a raid to kill.

We'd chosen a mage to get this staff first. It wasn't perhaps a well thought out choice, but he was actually in the raids when we started getting the first quest item drops. I accept responsibility for that ill-thought out and foolish choice.

Tonight that mage gquit.

The legendary is roughly 2/3 done.

I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. I managed to keep my calm and get the raid going tonight, but most of the time I wasn't talking on Vent I was saying "fucking ******".

Perhaps it wasn't explicitly stated when he initially got the first quest items, but I thought there was some sort of agreement whereby the guild worked to get him the staff and he stayed in the guild, at the least until the staff was finished.

I want to be absolutely clear here. It's ok to leave a guild if you're not happy in it. If you don't fit in it's far better to leave before you cause trouble. However, it is NOT ok to get a guild's help for what is basically a group quest credited to one person, and then bail before finishing all of the quest. Especially when only one person can get the quest items at a time. If you're not in it for the long haul you should not be trying to complete a legendary.

Also the circumstance of his gquit are enraging.

He'd been busy on our first raid night of the week, and had missed killing the first 4 bosses of FL. Tonight he wanted to bring his rogue alt, because his mage was saved and he wanted to make sure that his mage got all the quest items he could for the week. Officers said ok, but we're going to bring mains before we bring your alt. Now, because we had to work around him it took us some time to get the raid set up. We had 2 spots open and were about to bring his rogue alt in when I don't even know what he was angry about but he gquit all his toons.

Just fucking like that.

We weren't willing to blindly gear up his rogue and so he took the guilds hard work and ran off with it.

Fuck I am so angry.

****** No, I'm not going to give out his name. I'm sure if you want to figure it out you can, but I'm not going to give it to you.


Saif said...

Ugh, that is. Something.

Sorry about your loss of the legendary! We decided to go explicitly by seniority and had our SPriest who's been with us for 2 years build his first, then our Boomkin, then the mage who joined this year.

Course, I doubt we'll get all the way through the 2nd let alone the third before 4.3 drops. But hopefully the other two will have at least the heroic version of the staff.

Clara said...

We've got a boomkin who we helped kill Volcanus for earlier this week. So we're not totally screwed, just set back a while. Still massively infuriating though.

I will write up something specific for our guild forums stating that future legendaries will go by seniority.

I guess in a way this encourages me to get back on the track for Shadowmourne.