Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spine of Deathwing

This past week Darkfall divided up into two 10mans for our raids. I tried to evenly split up the groups so everyone had heals and ranged/melee dps and a tank and so that people were in the same group as their friends. It's pretty easy to divide groups up, we've actually got a good core crew, but it can be tricky to get everyone with their friends. I could wish that more people would show up, but we're trying to work on recruiting, so hopefully that will fix itself soon.

My group pugged in a dps DK who also had a tank spec, so we made it through the first 5 bosses on Tuesday. Thursday we killed Blackhorn with a pug pally tank. Sunday we were missing people so we compressed down to one 10man and tried our hand at Spine of Deathwing.

Spine is an interesting fight. It's deceptively simple to talk about. Explode adds to blast off Deathwing's armor. Once you remove three armor plates you win. But the execution is tricky to coordinate. We're trying it with one tank, and 3 heals. I'm not sure that's the best way, in particular I could see using two tanks. That would certainly help with the swarms of blood near the end. But I think we can work around that by taking time to kill a bunch of blood before we pull another Hideous Amalgamation.

It's also hard to make sure that everyone gets gripped down for the roll. Well it's easy to get gripped down, it's hard to know when to get ungripped. But we had some good learning attempts Sunday night.

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