Monday, January 23, 2012

Mr. Stomp

Running around the base of Wyrmrest temple in the Dragon Soul raid are two NPCs, Mr Stomp and Gor'in "Punchy" LIttlebottom. Punchy is chasing Mr. Stomp around.

Mr. Stomp yells: Stomp now.
Gor'in "Punchy" Littlebottom yells: Aaaaaaahhh! We're all doomed!

Gor'in "Punchy" Littlebottom yells: No! Right! Go Right!
Mr. Stomp yells: Buuurrrnnn!

There is more, I think Punchy tries to get Mr Stomp to go left at some point.

This dialogue coming from a molten fire construct/elemental should be rather familiar. It's definitely a reference to Rhyolith. It made me smile when I first noticed it, though our usual foot steerer on Rhyolith has never actually said "Aaaaaahhhh! we're all doomed!" he's come close a couple of times.

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