Friday, June 7, 2013

Troll Council Dead

This past Tuesday Darkfall had a pretty good raid in Throne of Thunder. Our work-beleaguered holy priest has finally gotten a better boss and managed to change his schedule so he can raid with us again. Also the OT has gone through several bouts of indecision and after going through the first set of raids in Pandaria on his pally he is now swapped through monk, warlock, and druid, and back to pally. I also managed to pull in a nicely balanced set of high-powered dps.

Anyway we marched into ToT and proceeded to one-shot Jin'rokh as we've done for a while now. We then had a nice two-shot of Horridon. I was impressed that we actually got him down on the second try, especially since right at the end of the fight the OT, monk healer, and our hunter all DC'd. Fortunately the OT had already used bubble on me to clear my Puncture stacks so I was good to go for staying alive while the angry dino attempted to gore me.

Killing Horridon so quickly left us with plenty of time to bash our heads against the Troll Council. We'd had several attempts against them in the past couple of weeks. And had a pretty good grasp of the strategy we were using, which was to zerg (within reason) Sul the Sandcrawler. We put two melee on him and everyone else was supposed to multi-dot Sul but still kill the current empowered target and both flavors of annoying Loa Spirits.

We had a couple of wipes where Frost King ate the tanks. We had been taunting him back and forth during his stacking tank debuff, but that was leading to death as the tank healer couldn't keep up or keep track of who needed more heals. So then the pally OT wanted to try taking Frost King the whole time. His brother then tank healer, thought this was a good idea so... I figured we'd try it at least once. If it failed horribly, we'd swap back and be more careful about tank heals and CDs. Surprisingly it actually worked out pretty well. We also changed it so that the monk healer was ONLY healing the pally tank, so the two of them could coordinate their CDs. This left the holy priest dealing with the raid and my health, but since I never had Frost King on me I didn't take all that much damage from Mar'li, and if there was a big spike I popped a CD.

It was more than a little hairy, but with Death Grip always available (because I never accidentally got popsicled) the Loa spirits were never even close to being an issue. It also helped that our monk healer and our OT are brothers and so were quite good at coordinating their CDs. So the tank always had his own or a monk CD to live through getting frozen.

Anyway, the first time we killed Sul we killed the whole group of them. The entire fight becomes an order of magnitude easier without him around. No sand traps, less tank damage, more dps on the loa spirits and whoever is empowered; it was pretty much cake after Sul was dead.

I had made a handy dandy macro and bound it to my Razer Naga keypad when we first encountered the Troll Council. Once the Loa spirit appeared I hit the macro for a nice slow. Only when it'd slooowly gone a ways did I death grip it back to me.

/target Blessed Loa Spirit
/target Shadowed Loa Spirit
/cast Chains of Ice

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