Monday, October 13, 2014


I look at my draft posts, and all I can think of is the Indiana Jones movies. My draft folder is some sort of jungle ruins situation. Half written posts that are overgrown with twice re-written posts. Watch out for those old posts about tanking or Timeless Isle, those poison darts are still potent. Is that a giant image post of the legendary cloak questline, but with only half of the captions done, rolling towards me like a giant boulder of doom?

Perhaps my analogy falters.

Regardless, I keep thinking that if I can just rescue a few of them, and start posting some WoW stuff again maybe I'll have any sort of motivation to play again. I suspect my cause and effect is reversed though.

I do know that if I look at all those half written drafts I can see when and why I stopped caring about WoW. It mostly boils down to the stress of trying to lead a guild and a raid, the tension between flex and having to cut down to a normal raid, Timeless Isle, the horrible thought of trying to get on the gear treadmill with my alts (let alone the new boosted 90, which *still* doesn't feel like a real character), and just not feeling like Blizz actually wanted me as a customer.

I know the new expansion is coming up soon. I know the next major patch is really soon. But I'm only feeling an obligation to log on, no actual desire.

Maybe it'd be better to leave those ruins buried under the jungle.

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