Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday Kuan and Viljo tried Malygos with the rest of Thwarted Destiny. It was a bit of a ragtag group, since we had to get a prot pally to respec holy so we had 2 healers.

But we tried it. And, um, died horribly. But then we tried it again! And, um, still died horribly. Heh. We did start getting better, but our main tank is not that impressive of a tank. He talks way too much, and isn't the raid leader, and doesn't have very good situational awareness. So a couple of times Malygos ate a spark or two. But there were noticeable improvement in our attempts.

I'm thinking that with a slightly better group we can get Malygos down in the not too distant future. It will probably require two or three more sessions of attempts, but I definitely see it happening. Which would mean that Kuan and Viljo have done all of of the current Wrath raid content, at least for 10-man. They have already seen all of the 10-man raid content and most of the 25 man stuff. So they are doing pretty well with the raiding.

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