Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I've been focussing on Sons of Hodir rep, since that's the faction with the shoulder enchants. Kuan is Honored with them as of last Saturday, which means there are 5 dailies available.

One of the dailies is this spear quest where you basically ride a proto dragon, with a vehicle UI, and try to hang on, stabbie it with a spear, and dodge the dragon's claws. In the end you fall and smash to death with a 10% dura loss. I have decided not to do that daily.

Anyhow doing the 4 remaining dailies is 1100 rep. That puts Kuan about a month out from Exalted, and the Super Spiffy shoulder enchants. I bothered to time it and it takes about 40 minutes with average contention for items/kills that are farmed. Since LK has been out a while, I got called slacker by Karaghiosis for being so low in rep with them. I got a bit bent out of shape about it, after all, it is the Lunar Festival and I really just want to run around and collect coins on all my toons.

Speaking of which, Kuan has 7 coins left to collect, all in Northrend dungeons. We plan on getting them in Heroics of course so there will be rep and badges too. I think we'll try for Thursday for these. As for the alts, I think getting the coins on Ikoli and Mornara is the next most important, at least for the outdoor ones. We'll try that tonight...

...after Kuan does his Sons of Hodir dailies. Don't want them to think I'm a total slacker, after all.

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