Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kara keyed!

Last night Mornara and Ikoli convinced our excellent druid friend Cemaros to take us through Black Morass. It was the last thing that they needed to get the Kara key.

First Cemaros was going through Sethekk Halls in an attempt to get the Raven Lord for another guildie. He was kind enough to let us tag along. It was a speedy and hilarious run. Ikoli, like Teltanara before her, has aggro butt. DraNgNon is used to playing a higher level character or her rogue, who can stealth. So Ikoli, being the lowest level in the instance might have face pulled, a couple of times. Or as Cemaros and I have come to call it: Ikoli has aggro butt.

But we made our way through the instance successfully. Anzu died but dropped no mount. Ikiss died, after killing Ikoli and then Mornara. Mornara got the snazzy looking Spaulders of Dementia. I think I need to do a little bit of math and possibly some regemming to see if they are actually better than the shoulders she already had. But they certainly look better so I may wear them anyway. :D

The BM run was smooth. And Ikoli and Mornara are now both proud owners of The Master's Key. They have all the Outland keys and are ready to head on over to Northrend.

It was strange to be dpsing. I think that I like tanking better, just because I get to position the mobs. As a dps I have to run around and try to figure out where and when the tank is going to pick up the mob. It's not too bad after the first couple of times the tank pulls, but it's still nicer to be in control.

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