Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maarli and Chikari

Hyjal was down most of the night... it's still down. So, we rolled toons on Black Dragonflight, which is a PvP server. Clara rolled Chikari, a female orc rogue who spent quite a bit of the evening playing target to various turkey shooters. I rolled Maarli, a female troll hunter. For all this is hunter #4 or 5, I've not had a Troll hunter before. They've all been NEs or Tauren.

We grouped up since it was for fun, which slowed the leveling down, but Maarli got to 11 and Chikari got almost-not-quite to 10. Maarli has a Bloodtalon Scythemaw for her pet, which I chose because it's a pretty red raptor, and was unexpectedly pleased at it already having Savage Rend.

But now it's time for sleepies. way past time for sleepies.

Did I mention Hyjal was still down?

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