Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Plague wing

So I've been screenshotting the dialogue from ICC. I dutifully did this for the first wing, and I'm doing it for the Blood and Dragon wings. But I'm having a hard time doing it for the Plague wing.

The first wing, with Marrowgar and Deathwhisper and the gunship battle and Saurfang was really pretty epic. You get a feel for the brainwashing of the Scourge and the epic and continuing battle against both the Scourge and the Alliance. You see the sorrow of Saurfang the Elder and learn about honor from him.

The Dragon Wing seems to be pretty epic as well, You've got a gauntlet with the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade working together to clear the path. You're fighting to free a green dragon from the clutches of the lich king. Then you've got to kill Sindragosa, which is quite the epic battle.

The Blood Wing is mostly epic, but has a few silly vampire things in it as well. Compared to their 5-man and quest versions The Blood Princes are oddly difficult to kill when rezzed and buffed by the Blood Queen. The Blood Queen herself is a fun fight, and you get to be a vampire yourself. Thankfully there is not any sparkling.

But the Plague Wing is one big fart joke. Rotface, Festergut, and Professor Putricide are all fart jokes. Rotface "made an angry poopoo." Festergut inhales blight gas until he vomits it all back out. Putricide drinks potions until he farts, throws slime, and generally is disgusting. I'm not feeling the epic or even the mildly heroic in the Plague Wing.

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