Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kuanchichi the Hater

I've let this blog go a bit, as I started some work on the Darkfall guild website. But never mind that!

I've been personally dismayed recently that Kuanchichi was overtaken in the guild achievement point ranking by a hunter named Spinefalcon. I determined Friday that I would catch up to him, since Kuan was only 90 achieve points behind him, and still needed to finish Hyjal quests/get Cataclysm Loremaster/exalted Guardians.

I logged in Friday to find out that Spine had gotten himself into a Naxx25 achieves run, which catapulted him over 9000 AP. Damn it! So Saturday, we took Mornara and Kuanchichi and cleared all of Hyjal. Dinged all those achieves above. Of course still not near 9000...

Before that, though, I'd decided I was tired of relying on other people for portable repairs. I took Kuan to Dalaran to acquire one. And thus I became a hater. Because apparently this guy Aizzen has nothing better to do with his playtime other than sit in Dalaran in front of the mount vendor and beg.

That was the entire exchange.

On a final note, it really didn't occur to me until a couple hours later that I had now solved a big part of Kuan's bag space woes while farming. w00t!

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