Friday, March 18, 2011

Omnotron and Dragon Twins

Tuesday Darkfall went into a fresh Blackwing Descent. I remembered that I'm here to kill dragons and picked and chose from who I wanted to bring to the raid. I have to admit that I intentionally left out people who last time were unable to follow directions on who to target and people who are chronic fire-standers. Unsurprisingly there was some overlap there. I also pugged a healer.

And we pretty handily killed the first two bosses in Blackwing Descent.

It wasn't a one-shot for either of them. It took us a couple of tries for everyone to remember what they needed to do for Magmaw. In that time, our pug healer bailed and I found another one, the alt of one of the people that came to Ulduar for the drake runs. But once we pulled in the new 3rd healer we killed Magmaw in two tries and even got the Parasite Evening Achievement.

Omnotron was harder, because we'd never killed him as a guild before. And, in fact, most of us had never killed him at all. It took several tries for everyone to get a feel for the rhythm of the bosses abilities, especially when the order is not set until you actually see it. But it felt really great to kill the stupid Trons.


Thursday we formed up for Bastion. I again pugged a healer. And off we went. Halfus was one-shot. Just boom, dead. We had a pretty brutal drake combo too, with slate, nether, and whelps, so the boss was hitting pretty hard and there was annoying aoe. But the three tank setup we figured out a week or so ago really works like a charm when the slate dragon is present.

Next we went to the twin dragons. I really wanted to kill them. Darkfall has been having so much trouble with them due to fire standing of various sorts. The fight is really about testing the ability of everyone to get out of the bad at the right time. And there are a variety of different bads and ways you need to avoid them. This is challenging because at present one person messing up usually cascades into a wipe.

But with a really great suggestion from DraNgNon about my placement of the Theralion we managed to get them! And double bonus Darkfall got guild level 20 from the our kill xp.

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