Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it just doesn't get old

we ran Ulduar this evening. Kuanchichi even picked up a couple achieves - Nine Lives, Rubble & Roll, a couple from the Freya fight, and Who Needs Bloodlust?. Mornara picked up more. At level 85, Firefighter isn't so hard anymore either, which made Rahlenti happy. And Vesax is a different strategy.

Some folks on the run with us never before got to Vesax in Ulduar. I think once they saw the room, Cataclysm made more sense to them.

But. Once we got to Yogg'Saron, people were tired, didn't know the fight, I had lag spikes, and the wipe was pretty spectacular. It never gets old, becuase it's still a difficult gaming problem to solve. We called it.

Clara's saved off the Raid ID.

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