Thursday, May 12, 2011

Guild Level 25!

About a week ago Darkfall reached level 25! I'm super proud of everyone in the guild.

It turns out that once you're level 25 and exalted with the guild you can buy a ground mount. For Alliance it's some dumb looking lion thing, but for Horde it's the Kor'kron Annihilator, a super badass scorpid mount.

Most mounts do some sort of roar or rear or snarl if you press space while standing still. The scorpid does something I have loved forever. It waves it's claws up in the air.

Long, long ago there were two night elves. One of them was a hunter. One of them was a druid. The hunter had reached level 12 and wanted a pet. But not just any pet, this hunter wanted a a black scorpid with red spots. When you're level 12 the only place to get a scorpid with that look is from Durotar. This is quite handy if you're in the Horde. Unfortunately for the Alliance this means a death run up the coast of Dustwallow Marsh, through what was the Barrens (none of this North or South business), and into Durotar, one of the home zones of the Horde.

But the night elves persevered! They ran and died and ran back to their corpses like pros. Finally they made it to Durotar. There they camped out for a while, because, of course, a scorpid that looks that cool doesn't spawn all the time. It didn't take too long though before a very handsome scorpid was tamed.

Some discussion ensued, and the oh-so-handsome scorpid was named Dorano. Dorano accompanied the two night elves on their adventures through Azeroth and even into Outland. And every so often Dorano would put his claws up and sway back and forth like he was holding a lighter at a rock concert.

And now my very own Kor'kron Anihilator mount does the same claw wave thing. It makes me happy every time.

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