Friday, May 6, 2011

It's called Security...

I'm not a fan of Bran, or dwarves in general, with one exception. In fact I'd go so far as to say that I really don't like Bran. And I'd definitely say that I hate the Harrison Jones and Bran quest line in Ulduar.

Bran has been mucking about with all sorts of Titan artifacts in Halls of Stone, Ulduar, and, now, Halls of Origination. You'd think that he'd have learned a bit about them. In particular, the Titans weren't really keen on the inmates taking charge of the prison.

Which, considering that almost all of the mortal races now are descendants of some Old-God-corrupted Titan creations or servants, I think is kind of what is happening. We certainly interfered a lot in Ulduar. You know, killing Loken, and then subverting Algalon. Yes, we did manage to kill Yogg-Saron, but I strongly suspect that if we kill too many of the Old Gods bad things will happen. I mean, the Titans had them on the ropes, and decided not to kill them.

All this basically is my long winded way of saying that Bran is being even more of an idiot than usual. The Titans used a different locking system at each of their installations to make it harder for someone to break into them. It's called security...

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