Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holidays I Despise

There are two holidays that I truly despise in Azeroth. The first is Love is in the Air and the second is Noblegarden. Both of them have achievements that drive me crazy.

Noble garden has Shake your Bunny-Maker. You're supposed to put bunny ears on female characters over level 18 of every race. Aside from the inherent sexism in this achieve, I'm not a fan. Hello!?! Fearsome Former Agent of the Scourge here. NOT your friendly bunny playmate.

Love is in the Air has Fistful of Love. Regrettably, Orc Death Knight is one of the race/class combinations you need to hit with rose petals. I'm not as annoyed about this achieve, but still not a fan. Rose petals and Death Knight are really not the best combo. It least not unless someone gets the ebon rose and shakes black petals on a death knight. And even that is a bit too emo...

So no I don't like Noblegarden or Love is in the Air. I find both of these holidays demeaning, and I find that Noblegarden is downright sexist with the bunny ears. Mornara is a death knight. She is a tank. She is the one who stands in front of the boss and takes the hits. And just in case you forgot: her main powers are diseases and death:

Fucking bunny ears.

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