Monday, February 6, 2012

First, Finest, Last for Mornara

Ikoli the troll priestess had been her first friend. Her shields had kept Mornara safe from harm while Mornara slaughtered all who faced them in Outland. Ikoli was one of the first members of the horde not to flinch when the newly freed Death Knight approached. And that had won her Mornara's lasting friendship. But that memory didn't seem to be the oldest one... there was a hazy memory of a red haired blood elf paladin? Only Mornara was wearing cloth and ordering a demon around? No, that wasn't right, couldn't be right. Mornara killed demons, she didn't control them. And cloth? How laughable, she'd worn plate armor since the first time the Lich King ordered some ghouls to help her get armored and then sent her to Razuvious for instruction in how to runeforge her own weapon.

The male Night Elf had failed the tests to become a Death Knight. He was chained in the center pit of Acherus awaiting his fate. Razuvious gave Mornara the key to his bindings and sent her to kill him to cement the runes on her blade. The Night Elf had a longer reach, but Mornara was fiercer. She pressed him and stayed close so his longer reach was useless. When her sword opened him from collarbone to groin he fell to his knees with a strangled cry and tried to hold his guts in. It wasn't mercy that caused her to kill him swiftly after that. It felt good when she cut his throat.

Arthas was the first leader Mornara followed. That wasn't quite right; Arthas was Mornara's master. She did as he commanded, because he commanded it. Followed implies some sort of choice, but the only choice other than instant and complete obedience was death and torture for her.

Kuanchichi, the elemental troll shaman, had been and still was her finest friend. Shaman and Death Knight plowed through all enemies in their path no matter if it was geists and abominations in Icecrown Citadel, fire elementals on Mt Hyjal, or the twisted spawn of the old gods attacking Wyrmrest temple. Mornara made sure that all their foes focused on her while Kuan dealt immense amounts of damage to them.

It took months of fighting to break the siege on Icecrown Citadel. And once inside it took more months to fight through the hordes of undead minions and the various lieutenants of the Lich King. There were many impressive battles fought and won in those foul halls. But the most important one, was the death of Arthas Menethil, the Lich King. It was a grueling fight, and before it was over they were all almost defeated. But, with help from friends, companions, and Tirion Fordring, Arthas was defeated.

Thrall was the finest leader that Mornara had ever followed. His skill at calling the elements was demonstrated during the retaking of Undercity and again when he helped quiet Azeroth before Deathwing could destroy it. He was wise and calm and thought things through before moving forward with them. And he wanted what was best for the whole Horde individually and as a group.

Eeyan the undead rogue had been her latest companion. They, and a few others, had fought their way through the misguided Zandalari trolls and corrupted Loas of Zul'Gurub. The Gurubashi refugees wisely ignored their party as they rode past in their mechano-hogs. When they did find enemies worth fighting Mornara stood in the front of the group and kept the Zandalari trolls from noticing Eeyan until his weapons were buried to their hilts in troll backs.

An angry earth elemental had been her last kill. The Jewelcrafter in Orgrimmar wanted some help gathering elemental goo. And the druids in Hyjal could always use some help fighting off the waves of summoned elementals the Twilight's Hammer Cult sent at their base in the roots of Nordrassil. So Mornara stepped through the portal and out under the spreading leaves of Nordrassil to cut down earth elementals. At least when they fell she only had to brush gravel off her armor.

The last leader that Mornara had followed... was herself. She had led the guild of Darkfall on their raids since the Shattering. Hellshot, the former leader, had stayed in command of the guild until the end of the campaign in the Firelands, but Mornara had been doing most of the organizational work before than, and she officially took control at that time. It was an odd change for a former member of the Scourge to be not only part of the Horde again, but in command of the group she was with.

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