Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunar Festival Super Spy

The Lunar festival is going on right now. Most of my toons already have all the coins they need. However, Khyrie does not. She's missing just about everything. Well she was two weeks ago anyway. Now, she's got half the dungeon coins, most of Kalimdor, all the Horde capital cities, and all of the outside Northrend coins. She's also leveled up to 81, mostly through exploration and coin xp.

Before next Saturday she's got to get to level 82 so that she can get the Deepholm coins, but all the other Cata coins are reachable via flying. Hopefully doing the Northrend dungeon coins will help with the xp for leveling.

The other hard part will be getting the Alliance capital cites coins. Khyrie is currently missing Ironforge and Stormwind. The Darnassus coin was amusing to get.


A guard's arrow whizzed through the air where Khyrie had been as she banked sharply left. The quick direction change was lucky but not entirely planned. Khyrie needed to land somewhere to remove the arrow and heal the wound in her left wing/arm. Fortunately the trees and branches of Teldrassil gave her many options that were both large enough for her troll form and far enough away from any guards on the ground.

Once healed, Khyrie shifted back into bat form and headed towards Darnassus. She soared above the road, the wind whispering in her claws. Once to the Darnassus gate she dove sharply and skimmed above the hill to the side of the main entrance. From there she glided swiftly just above the ground through the Craftsman's Terrace and toward the Cenarion Enclave. She was just fast enough as a bat to out race attacks from the Sentinels at the main gate, and yet not high enough to be noticed by the flying city guards.

With quick and almost silent flaps of her wings Khyrie reached the Cenarion Enclave and the elder standing in a moonbeam there. Swiftly she shifted back to troll form and bowed to the elder. In return the elder's ghostly hands passed her a glowing lunar festival coin and a thick red envelope. She tucked both items into her pack. The envelope was intriguing but it would be better to open that later.

A quick shift later and she was back in bat form and ready to make her escape from Darnassus. She started to look around for the closest exit, but, in her haste, flew a little too high. Suddenly a searing pain pierced her wing membranes. A hippogryph had swooped down from the tree limbs above and savaged her wings. Using what height she had Khyrie dove for the nearby lake. As she plunged into it she shifted into manatee form and swam to the bottom of the lake. Fortunately the hippogryph didn't follow her into the water.

At the bottom of the lake Khyrie alternated between holding her breath as a troll so she could heal herself and shifting back to manatee so she didn't drown. Once fully healed she explored the lake bottom a little bit. It wasn't large, but there were several streams feeding and draining it. Khyrie tried to remember the map of Darnassus she had looked at before this expedition. If she remembered correctly, the stream that drained the lake wasn't actually a stream but a waterfall over the edge of Teldrassil.

Khyrie swam towards the waterfall. She washed over the edge and shifted to bat in midair. A little fancy flying and she was safely out of the waterfall and out of Darnassus and on her way back to Darkshore for the next coin.


Alright so the above story isn't *exactly* correct. There was one death and corpse run while I was grabbing the coin. DraNgNon also gets all the credit for remembering that there is a waterfall out of Darnassus. Other than that it was a pretty speedy and painless coin grab. Far less painful than I'm sure either Stormwind or Ironforge will be.

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