Monday, February 27, 2012

Deathwing Death

Tuesday this week we had 13 people ready for the raid at raid time. I was tired of excluding people, so I decided that we'd do two 10mans. It left us with groups of 6 and 7, so there was a lot of pugging. But I tried to divide the groups as best as I could so each team had a reliable tank, backup tank, a good main healer and at least one backup heal.

I was worried that both groups would fail terribly. Since it was my decision to pug I took the team of 6 guildies, so that it would be less work for Earthen and Smokey. My group picked up a couple of really great dps, an excellent healer, and a 3rd healer/dps who was ok. We killed the first 6 bosses on Tuesday, but didn't have time to try Spine due to some wipes on Zon'ozz, with the ball bouncing wierd, that made me want to tear my hair out.

Thursday we stayed in two raids. Earthen suggested combining to one raid, but we had just as many online as on Tuesday and my raid had 3 of our 4 pugs come back for more. My raid pretty handily killed Spine, but had some trouble with Madness. It really seemed that every time we were having a clean attempt someone would randomly not get the jump buff on the way to the 4th platform. And to add to the pressure Earthen's group killed Madness. I was super happy to see their achieves pop up in guild chat, but I wanted my own achieve there too!

By Sunday two of our dps pugs had applied to and joined Darkfall. So out of our pugging we got a new warlock and death knight dps. Really, the best way to recruit is to pug and have the competent people join the guild.

Anyway, Sunday, my raid is now mostly guild. We pug a fabulously geared resto druid. And after a few random wipes to tank fail and jump buff fail we slaughter Deathwing. We did it with a one tank 2 heals set up. It was a bit hairy when I was holding both of the the first set of elementium terrors in the second phase. However our dps was so fabulous there was no second set of elementium terrors! Deathwing just keeled over dead before they spawned.

Next week we'll try out a heroic mode or two and start working on the per boss achieves.

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