Friday, July 6, 2012

EPL Quests

When the Cataclysm expansion came out I decided that I wanted to see the new story and quests in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Khyrie, my troll druid, leveled to 60 through questing in Kalimdor and hit most of the zones there. There were some excellent stories, and even though I often was killing mobs that were green or grey, I'm glad I leveled her that way. It was fun to experience the fresh story with a fresh character.

I deputized Mornara to do the quests in Eastern Kingdoms. There are also some excellent stories and zones there too. I really like how the vast majority built on what the quests used to be in Vanillla. Specifically good examples of this are the pirate quests in Southern Stranglethorn Vale (now Cape of Stranglethorn), Blasted Lands and the Rahk'likh quests, the Hillsbrad quests, and the quests in Eastern Plague Lands. There are excellent quests all over, but the ones in those zones had an extra awesome dimension if you'd completed the Vanilla quests as well.

In old pre-Cata EPL there were a couple of quest hubs and their quests sent you all over the place. It was fun and, with no flying, a bit challenging to get through/around Corin's Crossing and avoid the Scarlet Crusade's patrols to get to Light's Hope Chapel. EPL, being a max level zone, was not an easy place to quest at when level 60. I'm a little sad that they reduced the general level for the zone and for the Stratholm instances, but honestly there isn't that much of a difference between 40 and 60 when you're 85.

Anyway, the general layout of the zone and quests is that you've got a caravan you travel with and it stops at the different towers, which have now been taken over by the Argent Crusade. You do quests for the people in the caravan and for the people in the towers. It's a fun set up, and you get a lot of story as you ride the caravan from tower to tower. Through the zone of course you're fighting the Scourge and other undead, including the undead remains of the Scarlet Crusade and the zombified trolls.

However, as you get to the end of the zone, near the entrance to Stratholm, there are a couple of quests where it is very clear that the quests were not designed for Death Knights to do them. In particular, there is a set of quests where you have to go rescue a captured paladin before he gets turned into a Death Knight. The quest givers for that and a few other nearby related quests go on and on about how terrible the Scourge is and how truly awful the Death Knights are, and how there really isn't anything worse than being turned into a Death Knight... Through this set of quests Mornara is doggedly slaying Scourge and rescuing feckless paladins, but what she really wants to do is point out to all those silly quest givers, that she is *Right There* and can hear them just fine as as they say how gross Death Knights are.

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