Monday, July 2, 2012

Chromatic Champion & Alt Runs

Thursday night a little over two weeks ago Darkfall got a full 10man raid together and took down the last four bosses of DS. Without pugs it was a relatively painless experience. I say relatively because there was some funky lag and that caused several wipes on Ultraxion before we got him down. We also had a few pulls on heroic Blackhorn again. The lag bit us there too, but we did get farther than we had before. We had started a bit late between a few planned and unplanned people running late, so we only did three pulls on him for heroic, then I swapped it to normal and we handily wiped out Blackhorn and Spine.

But my big plan for the evening was to start on Kalecgos' platform. He was the last one we needed to do for Chromatic Champion. My plan was to go: Kalec > Ysera > Alexstraza > Nozdormu. It was actually a it of an anticlimax. I was expecting some hard coordination required to make sure that everyone single targeted the bloods down correctly. However, we had a really awesome set of dps, 3/4 of whom had lovely cleaving abilities, so we just aoe'd all the bloods. Between being able to do that and having Alexstraza up for three platforms (no need to try to time the blistering tentacles, she'd just burn them away) it was actually pretty trivial. I guess that the 25% buff is just that massive.

Speaking of the 25% buff: since we'd actually finished thirty minutes early there was discussion of an alt run. Everyone swapped to an alt except for one person who didn't have an available alt, and Caffinator joined us. It was excellent to play with him again. Honestly it really reminded me of running Karazhan again, what with him, and DraNgNon on Eeyan, and me on Teltanara. Oh yes, because of class/role composition issues I brought Telt instead of Viljo. Viljo was going to be the 3rd mage, and we were short on heals... It was 'festive'. At the beginning of the run Telt had such crappy gear that she wouldn't have qualified for LFR, and she's only run two of the Hour of Twilight Heroics.

However, holy priest is super excellent to play. Even though I (and everyone else) was looking at buttons and wondering what they all did, it went reasonably well. I went into Chakra:Sanctuary and just kinda mashed Prayer of Healing and occasionally put down the Holy Word: Sanctuary. We did two heal Morchok and Yor'sahj, but Zon'ozz was just impossible with me being such a scrub. So one of our locks swapped over for that fight and it wasn't actually too bad.

Telt made out like a bandit from the three bosses we killed. She got the mace from Morchok and the leg token from Yor'sahj. I just need to get them enchanted and reforged and transmogged now. I'm so excited that Telt finally has a mace again, it's been a long expansion with her swinging a staff around. I'm looking forward to transmogging her mace to the ever lovely Light's Justice She'll look even more like she did in BC. I may even show her cloak and transmog it to Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted.

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