Sunday, July 22, 2012

TODO before Mists

Things I want to get done before Mists of Pandaria:
  • Kalimdor quests completed on Mornara.
  • I want to get all the Jewelcrafting recipes from Orgrimmar and Dalaran:
    • Dalaran jewelry recipes - only four epic ring/necklace recipes left = 24 tokens.
    • Org epic gem recipes - sixteen gem cuts to go if I buy them randomly = 64 tokens.
    • Org jewelry recipes - seven ring/necklace recipes = 49 tokens
    • The end is in sight for Dalaran tokens. For the Org tokens though it is far far away. Really the most I can hope for is that I get the rest of the Org epic gem cuts. I'll just have to keep coming back during Mists for the other tokens I need.
  • More heroic kills! We're 6/8 in Heroic Dragon Soul so far! We are currently working on Spine.
  • Get more guild and raid recruiting done for Darkfall.
  • Figure out race/gender/name for my monk: orc/male/?????
  • Finish Dragon Soul boss dialogues. I have the first several bosses posted. I need to take all the screen shots I have and crop the dialogue images out of them for the last half of the instance.
  • Shocking achievement in Naxx25, last one needed for the meta achieve, sadly the drake reward was removed years ago.
  • I Could say That This Cache was Rare in Uld25, last one needed for meta achieve and Ironbound protodrake.
  • Blood Infusion, the next step in the Shadowmourn quest. I am not sure if that is still bugged or not.

Edit: Oops I wrote this last weekend and we killed heroic Blackhorn this past Thursday.

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