Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Pet Battle Update

I'm continuing my Pet Battle rampage. I have six different pets up to level 25. I've beaten the master tamers through Northrend. I'm up to 339 unique pets. This week I've been obsessing about it a little bit more than usual. You see, the Darkmoon Faire has a daily pet battle. For a ticket you can challenge Jeremy Feasel. He's got a Darkmoon tonk, a Darkmoon monkey, and a magical Darkmoon Eye. You may have noticed a Darkmoon theme, here are the Darkmoon Faire. Anyway the first time I fought him he soundly thrashed my pets. It was sad, but I'd managed to get exactly the wrong pets in the perfectly wrong order. So every pet of his had extra damage against my pets. At least it was over fast...

Anyway, this abortive fight reinforced the value of matching the pet to the battle. I'd already noticed that as I leveled up the master tamers were getting tougher, but this really drove home the need to pick the correct team for the fight. So over last weekend I went from four level 25 pets to six, with another two at 20 and 22. I've also got a whole bunch of pets sitting around level 10 waiting for their turn to level up.

Once I had a reasonable team it was a pretty easy fight, actually. Clockwork Gnome, Phoenix Hatchling, and Dragon Kite cleaned up handily. Regrettably for the days I've beaten the Darkmoon master tamer I've not gotten anything impressive in my pet supplies reward sack. There is a chance that you get the Darkmoon Eye, but I've been unlucky so far.

In addition to acquiring pets via battling I'm getting a few via other methods. A week or three ago I saw someone advertising the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling in Trade Chat. I quickly snapped one up, and that little guy is now level eleven.

I've also gotten a couple of the Pandaren Spirits. Our Enh/Resto shaman is big into the pet battles. He had a few extra Pandaren Spirits. Apparently they are not selling at all well in the AH currently. So he offered to guildies. I expressed interest to he gave me the air and fire spirit. To thank him I made him a Jade Owl and a Sapphire Cub, which I was surprised to note he'd not actually gotten yet. In return he gave me a water spirit he'd gotten earlier. I'm not sure what to get him in return this time. I'll have to figure out something.

Kuan and Mornara have also taken a jaunt into Molten Core. Magmadar was kind enough to drop a Corefire Imp for Mornara. I amused myself by pretending for a moment that she was a warlock with an imp again. If I remembered her imp's name I would rename that sucker in a second. Possibly I need to trawl through the archives here to find that.

For Christmas I received several pets from the Blizzard store. I was happy to get the Cinder Kitten and donate to Sandy Relief. I also picked up Lil'Ragnaros, Moonkin Hatchling, Cenarion Hatchling, and Soul of the Aspects.

I'm so far most amused by my Moonkin Hatchling. You get both a tauren and night elf hatchling. I named the Horde version Earthen after the Boomkin of the same name in Darkfall. Earthen the hatchling is now level 25, and I've been dutifully reporting his leveling progress to the original Earthen. Though I didn't report all the times that I got him killed before I figured out the right team to fight the Darkmoon master tamer...

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