Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dragon Soul Fun Run

Darkfall's Monday fun run was a quick jaunt into Dragon Soul. I'd originally planned on killing it all on Heroic, however we only had 7 people, so we went for a few achieves instead.

We had only five 90s in our raid, the other two being an 85 DK and Eeyan at 87. Despite this we handily stomped the raid. We did have two wipes, but honestly those were all in the course of trying to get achieves. I called for a wipe to try to get Holding Hands on Hagara, but I think you need a full raid of 10 people for that to work. We also had a wipe on Ultraxion when there was confusion about who was taking the second hit from Hour of Twilight. If we'd not been going for Minutes to Midnight I'd just have been hit by all of them. Honestly I had enough health and CDs to do that in Cata, and now in Mists it is really just silly how easy it is to deal with Ultraxion.

It was fun to see those fights again. I rewatched and enjoyed all the cut scenes.

My ulterior motive in running Dragon Soul was to get Eeyan more Elementium Gem Clusters. Eeyan now has 23 out of the necessary 60. So at 8 per run we only need 5 more runs, and then Daggers!

Also this fun run reminded me that I never did post the dialog from the last three bosses of Dragon Soul. I stopped at Ultraxion. I have all of the screen shots necessary, I just need to crop and post them. I'll try to get that done and posted sometime soon.

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