Friday, March 29, 2013

Brawler's Guild

Mornara bought herself an invitation to the Brawler's Guild. It wasn't cheap but the Black Market AH prices have really gone down since it initially came out. So she didn't need to break the bank to get in the door.

I have tried a couple of fights so far. I know she is only rank 1, but they seemed ridiculously easy. Morn was handily able to beat the enrage timer despite being in her blood spec and gear. I'd like to stay blood for all of the fights if I can, some of the fights I saw had people die to boss abilities and not just the enrage timer.

However, I'm not really seeing the allure of the fighting. OK, sure you get to kill stuff, and that is always nice. However, you need to wait your turn, because only one person can fight at a time. Also the only actual reward I can see is that at rank 4 you can buy Clock'em a mechanical gnome battle pet with spiked boxing gloves. I'm going to guess that once you get to max rank (rank 8 I think?) you'll get a title or achieve or both. However, before my two fights I was subjected to the worst sort of e-peen waving from someone talking about their past Gladiator achieves.

I'll try it again, I'd like to at least get to rank 4 to get the battle pet, but we'll see how far I get after that.

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