Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bat Hilarity

Khyrie and Tylara both finally hit exalted with the Klaxxi the other day. The holdup was all Khyrie slacking on the dumb daily quests. Anyway, we finally did the quest to go along with Malik the Unscathed to break the siege the Empress and her loyal minions have around Klaxxi'vess.

This quest is one big phase, and it's done such that we can actually fly with Malik as he makes his way to the Heart of Fear. Keep in mind that it's about 1:30am at this point, and I've had a long week at work so far. Also that my favorite druid form is flight form, and especially the Bat form that Trolls get.

Anyway we're flying along next to Malik, and I am providing a small stream of consciousness for Khyrie and her fabulous bat form.
"I'ma bat. I'ma bite you.
"unya, unya, unya." *
"I'ma eat you Malik, because you're a big bug."
"unya unya unya unya."
"You're a big tasty bug, and I like eating bugs because I'm a bat."
"unya unya unya."

At this point DranGNon turns her head slowly, looks at me, and asks "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

My response, before we both dissolve into laughter: "I'm a BAT! Unya unya unya"

* - I'm really not sure how to spell the chomping/gnawing noise I was making. Unya is the closest I can come, but it doesn't really capture the teeth click as I close my mouth on the ending 'ya'.

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