Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Mouse / Redoing Macros

New Mouse
So, I finally caved in and got a new mouse. I'd been using a Logictech trackball, and I liked that I didn't need to have a flat surface for mousing. However, I was unable to turn up the dpi of the trackball enough to get across the screen without 2 or 3 scrolling motions on the trackball. So DraNgNon finally convinced me to buy a Razer Naga. It arrived the other day and I installed the drivers last night.

I'm liking it so far. The higher dpi is a lot nicer, and I'm already liking having a mouse again. I'm not entirely sure what spells I want to put on the thumb pad, but I've set up another bar in Dominos for the numpad. Minimally I'll want to put the targeted AoE spells on the mouse pad. I've also put a mouseover rez macro for Morn. And I'll definitely want to get the dumb healing mushrooms for Khryie on the mouse as well.

So with a new mouse I've been looking at my macros. I needed a mouseover macro for rez and I wanted to put my focus interrupt/cc macros in a central place so I don't have to worry about copying new macros over for different characters.

Focus CC Macro:
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] [] Strangulate
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead] [] Mind Freeze

Mouseover rez:
/cast [target=mouseover] Raise Ally

Mouseover healing with fallback to targeted ally heal and then self heal:
/cast [target=mouseover,help] Lifebloom; [help] Lifebloom; Lifebloom

Mouseover heal with trinket use:
/target mouseover
/use FabulousTrinket
/cast Swiftmend
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

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